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Besides Michigan, which B1G opponent are you most looking forward to Ohio State facing?



johnblairgobucks's picture

Nebraska in the Horseshoe... enough said.

Nick's picture

Nebraska will be fun but looking forward to the beatdown of wisc 

heir2air's picture

same, looking forward to wisconsin and nebraska

Irricoir's picture

Michigan St. the only team last year that truly handled us (at home no less) that we have on the schedule for next year. Punishment is on it's way.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

I couldn't choose all of the above, so I went with Wisconsin, so we can shut fat Bielema's fat mouth. 

Class of 2010.

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I wouldn't say MSU "truly handled" us. Both teams looked like chickens with their heads cut off in that game. Embarassing performance on both teams ends IMO.
I went with Nebraska soley based on the fact that last year we were up by like 21 points and gave it all away in practically one quarter. That one still has me shaking my head

"Love my State, hate the football"

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I'll take Nebraska...just to give them a proper welcome to the B1G.

Long live the southend.

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This is a tough call.  According to the awesome access to Phil Steele interview, he thinks Michigan State is actually going to be pretty damn good, and he anticipates that game as a loss for us, while most of us are writing them off because they have a new QB.  So, I'm looking forward to it now than I was.
This is Nebraska's first trip to the 'Shoe in, what, 60 years?  What a "welcome back" game after that sh*t show/classic in Lincoln last year.  So, I voted Nebraska.
Wisconsin is the obvious choice, though.  It's the de-facto Legends title game, even though for us it doesn't matter.  It'd be f'ing great to upset them and have some clown team like Purdue end up in the B1G Title Game.
I don't want to have to share a football field with Pennsylvania State ever again.