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How upset should Sullinger feel about not being invited to the NBA Draft?



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more fuel to the fire for Sully...he loves to play with a chip on his shoulder...this could help motivate him even know Satch is in his ear telling him a bunch of teams don't think he's good enough, etc. & that he's gonna prove them wrong

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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If he did get invited he'd be the Aaron Rodgers/Brady Quinn of this draft. Just sitting there until someone picks him in the 20's. What he should be upset about is being devalued to the ~20th pick. He should use that as motivation to continue to get better. Not getting invited to the draft isn't a slight in and of itself; they just want lottery picks and he's not projected to be one. The invitation is just a sympton, not the problem itself.

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Honestly, it'll work out a lot better for him in the end. Would you rather go to  contending team or get wasted by the Trailblazers?

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If there are no trades and Sullinger falls to at least 14, he is sitting pretty. Since NBA picks are slotted $$$ wise, it may cost him $3-7 million up front, but if he joins a solid organization and gives them 10+ quality years (assuming his back holds up), he'll have all the money he needs by the time he retires.

I don't think he falls into the 20's and there may be a team lurking to trade up if he slips to far.