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Aside from football and men's basketball, what sport would you most like to see us cover?



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Is there a "none of the above" button??

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They never seem to provide that option...

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I thought I was the only one lol. Football and Basketball is enough!!

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Voted Men's Ice Hockey, but how about an "all of the above" button?

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Tough to hit them all with just one beat writer, but hopefully as we grow, we'll be able to grow our coverage.

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Oh I definitely understand that. It's incredible what you guys/gals have been able to accomplish as a free site. 

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Moar Foosball!!

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Football, football, and more football...a little mens bball is also good...

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This man speaks for me.

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My thought exactly lol.

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I said baseball, but I'm actually just fine with football and basketball. Growing is good, so get your grow on, & I'm sure there are people that like all sorts of sports coverage...Maybe I'm a bit of a lutite but please just don't spread it too thin. As long as football continues being the anchor of the site - we're all good!

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The majority of folks who follow OSU only care about football, and some care about basketball, but most would be okay with only hearing about football 24/7/365. And that's fine. There's nothing wrong with that. Football is what drives the OSU brand and makes it possible to fund an athletic department with 36 sports. I am in the minority of those who would love to hear about the "other" OSU sports.  Reporting on the other sports is certainly an uphill battle, but I definitely appreciate the effort. 

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I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I'd love to see Buckeye baseball gain some relevance.

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How about some Men's (and womens if anyone is interested) Track Meets! Go Bucks!!!

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I would love to see stuff about the Soccer teams. I know soccer is not that popular yet in the U.S. and most people don't care about it. But it is gaining a lot more popularity and hopefully we get a world cup sometime soon.

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I would say wrestling, men's hockey, and track and field.  I loved watching wrestling meets at St. John Arena when I was there.

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None!! Football n Basketball is more than enough...

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I personally would like to see some women's basketball coverage. Just during the season, would be nice.

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no offense but everytime I hear the following phrase "I personally believe" i cannot refrain from laughter thanks to Miss Teen South Carolina

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Wrestling...the no excuse sport.  Ryan has tOSU as a national power.  The team is young and good wrestlers are joining in.  Good times...

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Soccer? Honestly though, I'm pretty happy with 11W's coverage. The around the oval pieces touch on the other sports and I've seen a couple articles here and there devoted to one sport or another. I'll be happy as long as additional coverage in another area doesn't detract from football or men's Bball.

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Synchronized swimming.\

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