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Who was the better recruiter?


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My man COOP was the recruiter,but Tress was the best coach we have ever had or ever hope to have.Keep calm and don't forget Dave.GO BUCKS!

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JT better than Woody?  I. Think. Not.

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Duck Fave.
Cooper was the better recruiter. But only slightly, IMHO.



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Interesting. I voted Coop and thought he'd win the poll but through 120 votes, I didn't see an 84% edge for him.

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Cooper, look at the quantity and quality of the talent he had on his teams. Hell Tressel even won the title with Cooper's players. Tressel was definitely a better coach but he was nowhere near Cooper when it came to recruiting.

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Coop by a landslide. Looking back at the talent on the 90's teams makes me puke in my mouth a little thinking that no MNC came out of it. Ahhhhhh..childhood

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Ironically, Tressel's best recruiting class never reached it's full potential because it never had the chance. If Tatgate had never happened, we may have been talking about the 2008 class as being the greatest OSU class of all-time. Rose Bowl champs, Sugar Bowl champs, and possibly BCS champs. And imagine the recruiting success Tress would have had after a run like that. Once you have that success, the program recuits itself.

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You're saying Pryor, Posey, Adams, etc. etc. (along with Tress) would have made a difference from 6-7 to national title? Would Brewster suddenly snap it better in the shotgun? Would Tress/Bollman call better plays? Would our LBs be better?  

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Yes... The offense would have been significantly upgraded, and the defense would have played much better. If you want to see what this defense was capable of when they played inspired, watch the Wisconsin game again. They held Wiscy to season lows in almost every category.

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so...29 points...did we have guys miss a bunch of time on defense? they're suddenly going to play better because of who's on offense?

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actually, having a good offense can help out a defensive unit tremendously. OSU's O this past year didn't have many long drives which resulted in our D being on the field way more than it should have, resulting in poorer results than there should have been in some situations.

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Not for nothing - but yeah - I think it would have been a very very different 2011 had tat-gate not happened. I not going to say NC but I fully think they would have been a 10-11 win team if not undefeated. I mean the 2010 team won 11 games and they would have almost all come back only a bit older, more experienced & better. I think we all learned that Bollman without Tressel was a serious problem but they certainly did pretty well with Tressel at the helm.

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If he'd only been able to beat tsun.   ~sigh~

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Cooper always seemed to land the top players in Ohio (except Woodson), and he alwats managed to get those good west cost guys like Joe Germaine and Michael Wiley.  I miss the Cooper era, just not the last game each season. Those were some of the most talented teams we've ever had. 

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Cooper. Think about how many studs he had on his teams in the 90's and think about the fact that he recruited the vast majority of the guys who played and beat Miami in the NC in 2002.

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the 98 squad was the most talented tOSU team I've ever seen. The thing that always stood out to me was that secondary. Damon Moore was a nasty hitter, Gary Berry was a ballhawk who always came up with the big INT, Winfield and Plummer speak for themselves.  Central McClellion would have been a starter on most of our other teams, and he was a senior nickelback!   

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Cooper. He brought in superior talent each and every year. Tressel got more out of less and turned a lot of lower rated guys into high end NFL talent.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would more obvious.

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I disagree.  Coop brought OSU out of the big slow 80's with some great talent, no doubt.  But I think Tress did a great job of recruiting some underrated guys who turned out to be stars.  But I think the second half of his tenure he certainly did less with more - Fla, LSU, USC...

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Cooper was certainly a great recruiter, but just one more of the many things people don't appreciate about JT was just how great a recruiter he was.  He locked down Ohio, but still managed to bring in top talent from outside the state.  Just off the top of my head: Holmes, Gholston, Laurinitis, Malcom Jenkins, Heyward, and yes the much-hyped and sadly disappointing Brew Crew.  There are also guys that were big wins that didn't work out like J. Berry, J. Cash --who chose JT over Urban it should be noted, and D Bell --who I think is playing at Duke now.
Comparing Coop to JT is hard since they never recruited against each other, but during his time at OSU JT was clearly one of the top recruiters in football.

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Coop no question just look at the mass of talent tOSU had in the 90's!
If Coop was just a better coach these guys would have won a title or two.
Coop because JT won his only crystal football with Coop's players. 
JT got more out of many of his players. AJ Hawk, Little Animal, etc. 
JT definitely was the better coach and truly understood  "The Game". 

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The juniors and seniors on the 2002 team were all Coop's recruits.  Isn't that kind of a dead giveaway?

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Is this a serious poll?  Coop.  And it ain't close.

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This isnt even CLOSE!! Coop was MUCH better recruiter than Tres! I mean seriously those teams in the 90's were loaded with talent!! Tressels teams never really had alot of flash outside of the 06 team. Cooper would rake in top talent from all across the country. Cooper by a landslide...

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JT won the NCG with Cooper's players and a freshman RB by the name of Maurice Clarrett, the top rated RB prospect in the nation and a  JT recruit.  Give credit where it's due.  This is close, but for some reason people just don't want to acknowledge how good JT was as a recruiter.

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Obviously Clarrett was great, probably the best recruit JT had during his tenure.  I don't think it took a whole lot of recruiting to get him though.  He was set on the Buckeyes from day one.  JT also recruited Justin Zwick and God forbid I say his name, Joe Bauserman.  Ohio State recruits itself within the state with a few exceptions.  Coop continuously got talent from elite programs' territory.  Joe Germaine (Arizona), Na'il Diggs (Cali), David Boston (Texas), Will Smith and Shane Olivea (NY) just to name a few.  JT got a lot of Buckeye greats from out of Ohio, but they were all from Florida , which is basically an OSU pipeline.

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Malcolm Jenkins...from New Jersey
James Laurinitis...from Minnesota
Just two examples off the top of my head of Buckeyes greats JT recruited who were not from FL 

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...and both underrated in high school and underrecruited.  Give Tressel credit for spotting the talent, of course, but landing a guy like that is more about talent -spotting and less about recruiting.

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First of all, why discount Florida?  Miami, UF, and FSU are all top programs with a built in advantage.  Every top team in the SEC and ACC recruits Florida hard.  To pull a recruit out of Florida is always a coup, and JT did it with regularity. Not just with under the radar types like Chimdi Chekwa, but top rated talent as well like J. Berry, E. Sabino, M. Brewster etc.
Second, it just isn't true that his top OOS recruits "were all from Florida."   Most notably, JT made PA his backyard, getting top recruits like Pryor as well as the Coreys Brown, A. Sweat, and D. Bell.  He also recruited the Atlantic Coast, landing Flash Thomas (MD) and D. Clarke (MD) who were both top prospects despite the fact both washed out here for different reasons, as well as Curtis Grant (VA) the top rated LB in the country.  He also pulled D. Worthington, a 5* DE out of NY.  He went to the south to get C. Heyward, Roby and L. Grant (via Cali) out of Georgia.  He even went to our archrival's backyard to pull players like Big Vern and Big Hank, as well as Fragel and James Jackson, a highly ated recruit who didn't work out --not all do.
Finally, he got who he wanted from Ohio, almost without exception.  You note that Clarrett didn't require "a whole lot of recruiting" presumably because he was from Ohio.  But how many top Ohio recruits went to michigan under Coop's watch?  Why doesn't that count against Cooper's perceived recruiting greatness?
I'm not arguing that JT was better than Coop, but rather that he was great in his own right, and is not being given enough credit in this thread.  While in the game JT was one of the best. 

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I voted Cooper but i do agree with most of that post bro

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I've got to give to you there with top recruits going up north under Coop's watch.  Desmond Howard rings a bell here.

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I voted Coach Cooper, mainly because of the offensive talent differential...or what seemed like a big differential (could be a product of coaching philosophy).  Defensive talent I would say was closer although I'd still give the edge to Coop here too.  Coach Tressel was just a better coach and personel manager.  Both were great recruiters.

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Dont forget about Santonio Holmes in Forida as well. Wow I had a hard time with this poll, I was leaning Cooper but voted Tressel. Only bcuz since Tressel was hired we've had the most NFL draft picks of ANY school combined. That was the deciding factor for me.

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I was to young to know how well cooper recruited, I know we had a lot of talent at OSU in the 90's but no National titles and cooper went what 2-8 against Michigan. If he had so much talent why coudn't they win? Tressel won and won a lot, you can credit his good coaching for that or you can say he recruited well, i think its hard to say who recruited better because some kids just don't pan out. I think Tress recruited very well and his teams did better so I give him the edge.

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I voted Cooper, though there were some bobbles towards the end of his tenure, as his last 2 teams and the fact that Steve Bellisari started here for 3 seasons attests to.
Tressel was a fine recruiter in his own right, and obviously did a better job preparing the team for big games. But the work Cooper did in reviving the program--he took over a team that had just 1 Rose Bowl appearance and no national title contenders in the previous 8 years--made Tressel's task easier too.

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Both were great recruiters but if you look @ that senior class from the NC season, i'm like 90% sure that they broke the record for draft picks in a modern draft, I could be wrong but that says a lot for Cooper.

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I'd love to see an ALL Tressel team compared to an ALL Cooper team...Any takers??? 

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That would be interesting, indeed.



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@ BIG 10 Buckeye-I think I might take you up on that buddy.

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Awesome! I wish I had time to sit down and do it myself.

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Just give me a few days and i'll try to post something

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it's far more accurrate to ask who was the better recruiter, John Conley or Jim Tressel?  Had Conley not been squeezed out of OSU by Tressel wanting the likes of Bollman and Dick Tressel and his YSU cronies, Coach Tressel may have been coaching OSU teams throughout the past decade with talent brought in by the man responsible for bring guys like Chris Carter, Speilman, Pace, George, Boston, Katzenmoyer....yeah, John Conely is the best recruiter OSU has ever seen.  He has a book out, and it is a good read.

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I voted Cooper. Really though - I'm not sure I meant it. It's close. JT was a damn fine recruiter... he certainly put more people in the NFL than anyone else in the 00s. I could could go on & on but I think Saturday said what I'm thinking. Both of them were great recruiters. JT got more out of his players, was a better coach & had better results overall.

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Agreed, JT could be directly credited for making some of these guys into NFL talent and a whole lot of Buckeyes went in the 00s.