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How many yards will Rod Smith rush for this season?



pcon258's picture

i just think that position is too deep for him to grab much significant playing time, maybe a 100 yards or so, but i doubt it will be much more than that

Matt's picture

I went with 401+ yards.  Meyer always spreads the carries out between his backs and Smith looks beastly.  Once the QB is an actual run threat, lanes are going to open up for him and he will be tough to take down.  Projections:
Hyde:  750 yds
Brax:  850 yds
Hall:  550 yds
Smith:  450 yds
Brown:  150 yds
Smith:  100 yds

BritishBuckeye's picture

I think Smith will get at least 300 for the year, however, I bet Dunn isnt too far off him. I dont think we get a 1000 yard rusher... I wonder if Reeves will get touches on offense, I wouldn't be surprised if he did and got a couple hundred yards rushing himself off of reverses and option reads.

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I don't think it willl be in meaningful playing time, but I can see him/dunn racking up 200-300 yards in blowout time against like miami and other shitty big10 teams.

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I think Dunn has shown enough already the ability to catch the ball very well along with his power and speed. With that said I think Rod gets passed up by him and doesn't get much being the #4 back behind Hall,Hyde, and Dunn. I only see 2 backs getting a bulk of the carries through 12 games and that will most likely be Hall and Hyde.