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Do you think Alex Anzalone eventually signs with Ohio State?



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When he commited I viewed his video & immediately realized why he was so highly sought after. The kid is an animal. Runs the ball well too. I was glad he chose tOSU. Now that all this horse shit has happened - I just think a lot of unnecessary damage was all sides in this story. Seems like tOSU was hurt most of all, were innocent of any wrong doing, & really didn't need all this. Now there's been talk the kid had visited some other school(s) right before the decommit - it's all a bit odd. I hope he gets his decision sorted out & I think anyone would want that kind of talent at Ohio State...But if he chooses to go somewhere else, then that would be ok in my book too.

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I would be shocked at this point if Alex ends up at Ohio State. I think Sal was just trying to save his butt from a possible lawsuit for slander.  I'm sure Sal is also going to tell Alex what he is going to major in once he gets to whatever college he ends up at.



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I too think that there's some spin coming from Sal Anzolone, but I don't think a lawsuit has anything to do with it. I've seen a lot of people mentioning lawsuit.. I don't see it. You have to prove certain things in order to establish defamation, and Ohio State is missing them (actual malice, injury). Also, I don't see them sueing the father of a recruit.
I don't see Anzalone recommitting to Ohio State until he makes another trip to Columbus.

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Given the ugly situation, I just can't foresee Alex recommitting to tOSU.  I really like the kid's talent, though, so I hope I'm wrong.

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I'm going to be ridiculously optimistic at this point, and say Urban will work his magic and Alex will be wearing the scarlet and grey.

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I don't care what happens...I want this kid back...great kid, great player....we can put what happened behind us, although there are issues for papa Anzalone and Urban to hash out

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I think it needs to start with an apology from Sal to Buckeye Nation for his idiotic remarks.



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I think that both the Anzalons would would lose face if Alex recommits. Won't happen. Daddy burnt his own bridge.

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Theres obviously a reason he committed in the first place.  I think he wants to be a Buckeye.  Once everything cools down a little I think cooler heads will prevail and he re-commits.  If he does decide to go elsewhere, I'll wish him the best. 

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I do admit it would be hard to see him go elsewhere mostly because I was really excited when he committed to the Buckeyes.  In the end, though, this is his choice, and I wish him luck making his decision.

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We do still have the other Bash Brother, so that helps.

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I have wavered back and forth on this.  At the end of the day, as we all know and have seen time and again, the school is greater than any one player or person; however, all it takes is one person to tarnish a reputation and again, as we have seen, once it's tarnished, it's hard to get a good reputation back.  I believe that even though Alex Anzalone is obviously an excellent football player, it might be in the best interest of Ohio St. to cut its losses on this one and move on.  As much as I wanted to see him in scarlet and gray, the Buckeyes need to be very careful right now on who they are awarding scholarships.  The school just does not need any more negative publicity right now...I wish him the best wherever he ends up...

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I guess we've seen people re-commit after taking back their verbal commitment, but not after this sort of burned bridge. Enjoy State College, sonny.

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When I heard this makes me think he is going to Florida because his dad. He wants to take honors classes and he qualified at OSU and Florida. I think he really wanted to come to OSU with Joey Bosa though (Bash Brothers), bummer

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The more this goes on and i think about it, I start to wonder if he just may have got caught up in the visit and committed too early. It seems to me that all this drama is coinciding with him  taking other visits etc. seems kinda fihy to me.

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@SilverBullet- I don't think he got caught up in his visit. It wasn't his only visit- it was his third in 2 months. It was his final visit after he had visited every school he really wanted to visit. He made the choice before hand to attend OSU's spring game over others that were on the same date. If I remember correctly, he even said he knew he was going to commit going into the weekend in some interviews. 
Regardless though, I think the horse has left the barn with AA. I would have liked to have him before, but after everything that's happened recently, I'm content to move on and simply wish him best of luck. 

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While AA's interest seemed to be sincere, it doesn't appear the family was ever fully on-board.  The visit to Florida last week right before the de-commitment is telling to me.
It is still very early in the game for the 2013 class and there are good kids out there yet to recruit, some maybe even unknown right now, who would love to be Buckeyes.  While it's never easy to lose a good player we thought would be a Buckeye, life goes on.  This staff will find someone more than capable to fill this spot before it's all said and done. 
I hope AA does well where ever he ends up but do not see him at OSU.  It is very difficult to unring a bell and the damage has been done here IMO.  Go Bucks!

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Even if he was still considering tOSU, the idiots on twitter certainly aren't helping out our cause.