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Who was the MVP of this year's basketball team?



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That was tough. I voted Craft, but feel like Sully is a huge reason we were as good as we were and Tank was a scoring machine. In the end, Craft just played hard all the time. IMO this is a tough call.

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Craft. I did that by taking each guy away and nobody would feed sully or Thomas without craft

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i voted sully because as much as he sometimes tore our hearts out when he was playing against big guys, he was still the heart of the team. he touched the ball on just about every possession, and even when someone like thomas ended up with it, it was usually because they had already looked towards sully and he was covered

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Best player? Sullinger. The player that was most important because of the drop off when his sub went in? Craft, without a doubt. The offense was hard to watch when Scott came in for Craft.

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Valuable = brought it every game, leader, etc.  Sully often disappeared in February and Tank didn't come alive until late in the season.  Craft disrupted every opposing offense and as was mentioned, the team looked lost at time with Scott in for Craft.

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Picking anyone other than Sully is absolutely revisionist in my mind.  To those who voted otherwise, remember this poll next season when we are struggling to win games due to lack of offense -- Craft will still be on that team, Sully will not.  

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Completely agree. We talked about this on this week's dubcast. 

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Agreed. Anyone who doesn't believe the MVP was Sullinger is overthinking things.

(I wish whoever voted "other" would post and explain their assuredly interesting reasoning.)

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Agreed. Anyone who doesn't believe the MVP was Sullinger is overthinking things.

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76% of the users on here got it wrong. 

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That's disturbing

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I selected Craft because he seemed to be the only one that didn't implode when things got tough. He played tough the entire time.

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I voted Craft, because when things got tough, he never let's it show and he plays through it. Sully let himself get frustrated too much, and didn't really lead the team. 

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To be fair, both Sullinger and Craft were hugely important to this team... but am I the only one who thought that the level of play went down further when Craft was replaced by Scott than it did when Sullinger was replaced by Ravenel?

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Nope, I noticed the same thing, and thus why I picked Craft.