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Where would you rank the Buckeyes to start the season?



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I think it should be top 25, but nothing too special, because of the simple fact that we're coming off of a 6-7 season. I think we'll end up higher, but, they can't move us up that far without seeing a couple games of domination

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The question is, How many teams are better than us right now?
USC, Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Florida State, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Okie State, Miami.
Wisconsin, Meatchicken, Sparty and Nebraska will all be ranked ahead of us, and I say good. I relish the low ranking. Makes the wins even sweeter.
We should be ranked between 16-22

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Florida State, Florida, Georgia, Texas, West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Miami are not better than us. Florida, Miami, Texas and Oklahoma State don't even have a QB that is a definitive starter. Our defense will be better than all of those teams' with the possible exception of Texas. I think a fair ranking for us would be in the 11-15 range. 

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I picked 16-22 because I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic about the first year with the new Offense, but I wouldn't be totally surprised with a higher ranking at the end of the season.
I'd say I feel bad for Miami of OH being the first to face this team, but they might be fortunate since the Offense may be more likely to make mistakes early on.

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Part of the problem of predicting next season is that we still aren't sure what happened last season.  How much of that season can be attributed to a lack of talent?  How much to poor coaching?  What was the role of the suspensions and injuries?  How distracted/motivated was the team?  No captains?!
There were too many things that made last year anomalous to make it useful in predicting this season.  I look at our returning starters, our new coaches and our schedule, and I see a team that should fall in the 11-15 range.

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Good post AHH.  I think you are right.  There are too many varaibles we do not know to give a good pick, even though I picked 16-20.  I'm curious to see if the defense will be improved over last year.  I don't know if the defenses drop off was due to the fact Fick was HC and not focused on that side of the ball, or is the cupboard more bare than we want to admit.  When Ross is done breaking down Urban's offense it would be nice to see the defense analyzed.

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@william  I guess I meant teams the media will think are better than us based on last season.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Gotcha, I can see that happening.

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I put unranked. Nothing is given. I want these guys thinking nothing has been earned yet. As fans we should say, "Show us." I'll tell you where I think we belong at the end of the season. I wouldn't have had us at 6-7 preseason, last year.

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