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The Cincinnati Reds will honor the UK basketball team. Does that bother you?



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Just give Cincinnati to Kentucky already.

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This blows my mind.  I almost feel bad for all the good-natured OSU-loving cincinnati residents.  There seems to be an awful lot of anti-OSU / anti-Ohio sentiment down there. 

Cincinnati has an identity crisis because its viewed both as a northern city in the south or a southern city in the north, not really accepted or labeled as one or the other.  This is the result.

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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This is just rough for me, because I grew up in Cinci, rooted for UC and XU (More UC) and rooted for the Reds.  I've always realized the Bungles are the Bungles, and will be until the NFL buys out the Browns and tells them to go away forever.  I am consoled however, by the realization that UK will probably not have the title for long.  Calipari is just too good at breaking the rules then bolting.  I think it's vacated by 2018.

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It was awful the way Paul Brown was kicked out of Cleveland, but now it's kind of a godsend. Cincinnati has to deal with Mike Brown!

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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I've always rooted for the Cincinnati teams (Bengals, Reds) very passionatly, so I'm disappointed that they have decided to do this.

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Ditto.  Grew up a Big Red Machine fan ... I did not have a choice being born in the 70's.  Not sure how I started following the Bengals, perhaps a little revolting against my father's Browns team but always been a Cincy fan.  I understand why the Reds are doing it but I don't like it.

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Cincy has never been kind to OSU, (part of the reason I hate their pro teams) so this should not come as a surprise. Rednecks.

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i dont know much about ohio, because i did not grow up here, but by all indications, it doesn't seem like they have any type of loyalty to osu, or the state of ohio. i dunno, im probably judging prematurely, but every other commenter here seems to agree

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The 43 votes (so far) for no are Reds fans or Kentucky natives?

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They might as well just give Calipari a hand job. Stupid.

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Atleast once a year my brothers and I who are huge Reds fans make drive down there and we always have on OSU gear. And they look at us like we are leper's the usher's ask us are you from Columbus? Like they never seen OSU fans before and its everytime we go down there. But when we went to the Indians game last year there was more people wearing OSU stuff then Indians gear. So screw Cincy North Kentucky can have it!

It's good to be home.

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I doubt they would have honored OSU had OSU won so this doesn't make sense to me.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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I was thinking the exact same thing.

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I voted "Meh," because seriously, who would expect anything different? Clearly they never would have acknowledged any Ohio State champion in the same way.

We went over most of this a month ago at the time of the Buckeyes-Bearcats game, and the Daugherty column that said disingenuously, "Nothing personal, OSU, but we have our own teams down here we prefer instead." Yes, and one of those teams is in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Being a Reds and Bengals fan, it does rub me a bit the wrong way.  But, as Buckeye Chuck said, they'd have acknowledged OSU in the same way.  In the end, though, I don't really care.   It's the unfortunate reality that the Reds play second fiddle to the Indians in Ohio (probably about 60-40, in my opinion), but we also have sizable markets in Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana, and those markets need placated as well.  And, it is true that unlike the other two major cities, Cincy actually has collegiate athletics of their own.  I think the UK love comes from the fact that we're a relative upstart on the national stage, where Kentucky has been a blueblood forever.  It's natural for people to gravitate towards that.  I wonder how many UK basketball fans watch the Wildcats during football season.

Besides, I don't think that they're snubbing Ohio State by honoring Kentucky.  Now, if we'd have lost to them in the tournament, this would be a whole lot different story.

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I live in Cincinnati and there was a big debate about this friday on sports talk radio. As far as them honoring kentucky i don't really have a problem with it. Theyre trying to sell more tickets. The Reds fan base reaches into kentucky, indiana, and even west virginia. Its a ploy to sell more tickets. I don't like Kentucky and if I was attending the game I'd probably boo them but whatever its really not a big deal in my book.

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^ This. It's all about selling tickets, folks. Lots of Reds fans in Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. You do what brings your fans in to the seats.

Don't read too much into this in terms of how Cincy feels about OSU.

I grew up in Cincy and the bulk of my friends and I were Buckeye football fans through and through. I kinda laugh when I hear people say Cincy cares more about Cincy football than OSU- no way. Not even close. NOBODY cares about Cincy football. In the few times they played OSU there was never any doubt who we were rooting for.

Bball is a different story. Cincy has a long winning tradition and Xavier has had some good seasons over the past 20 years, so its understandable to root for the school that is literally next door. My high school was probably 25-25-25-25 in bball between OSU, Cincy, Xavier, and Notre Dame. Although one thing that was true was that the other three would always gang up for a chance to mock a Notre Dame fan.

I lived in Cincy for 18 years and literally never met a Kentucky bball fan. This is just an attempt to sell tickets, nothing more.



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I agree completely.  Most Cincinnatians are UC or XU fans first in basketball (I grew up being a UC fan, but then came to my senses at the back end of my high school days); OSU for football.  Very rarely do you see UK fans that live on our side of the river.  But Kentucky has no professional sports teams, so the Reds/ Bengals are all they got; so I understand that they would reach out to fans of UK or even IU, potentially.

Way more OSU fans in Cincinnati than UK/ IU/ Louisville fans.

Also it helps that Lexington is closer than Columbus.

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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I also live in Cincinnati. Honestly I will never understand this town in terms of sports.

There is lots of anti-Ohio State, but its not just that, I just have a hard time understanding the sports landscape here. There is tons of bandwagon jumping always going on. For example UC football 2 years ago. Where have all those fans gone?

Paul Brown did not sell out any games other than Pitts this year because the Bengals were supposed to be terrible. Now if you talk to a Bengals fan they act like they are the best team ever and that they have been behind them since day 1.

Now UK is being honered @ a Reds game? Doesnt this city have 2 college basketball "powerhouses" (ask the fans when they win a game and they will tell you) that made it to the S16. Is that not a complete disrespect to those "fans".  The Indians do very well in west NW PA. Lets say Penn State were to win something other than vollyball and they brought that team to honered. Cleveland fans would boo them off the field.

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Completely Agree....also hailing from Cincy, sports fans there have always intrigued me.  They are def the ultimate badwagon city, when the bengals suck, nobody cares, but when good, they are going to win the superbowl.  Same with UC sports.  It always bothered me that the news did the same thing though.  If OSU, UK, UL, IU are doing well they are considered "local."  Honestly I think they should focus on UC and XU as their local teams and maybe cover OSU because it is the next closest big school and still in same state, but considering some of these other schools "local" is redic.  Why dont the reds honor UC or XU for solid tourny runs, or OSU for final 4 run before they honor UK who a. isnt in same state and b. is 2+ hours away

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For those that might not know, a big chunk of Cincy's metro population is just over the river in Kentucky (and so is the airport), sort of like if everything south of I-70 in Columbus was in another state.  Also, Lexington is closer to Cincy than Columbus is - 80 miles to around 110.  

Any of you grow up in Toledo?  Lots of Wolverine fans, right?  Same idea: proximity matters.

I grew up an OSU fan in Cincinnnati, so it's not all bad ;)

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I don't care about this at all. There are a lot of Reds fans in Kentucky. Let Calipari and his greasy hair hold up the trophy for the fans and let the UK team walk on the field, maybe they'll all be wearing Reds gear, who knows. Let them round the bases and let Anthony Davis 'block' a fly ball on the warning track. I don't care. 

I would like to think that if OSU had won the Championship that they would give them a similar honor. 

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This is something that's easy to check. Did they? I'm not talking about stuff like the men's volleyball championship; nice as that is for current students and alumni, I wouldn't even expect the Blue Jackets to make a big deal about that. But we won a national title in football just 9 years ago. Did the Reds organization pay tribute to that team in any way? Not that they're obligated to, except for the perception of a double standard.

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Par for the course for Cincinnati and the Red Leggings. Remember, this is the same team which gave Joey Votto 250 million dollars of which it doesn't really have

When I become Governor of Ohio (a day of biblical reckoning to be sure), the first thing I will be doing is giving the entire Southwestern hole of Ohio to either Indiana or Kentucky, whoever wants Ohio's scraps. The west side of Dayton can stay, though, because I've met some really cool people from there. Other than that tho? To hell with SW Ohio.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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When I become Governor of Ohio (a day of biblical reckoning to be sure)...

Gonna file that one under the category of "dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!".

Good to see you checking in DJ.

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They gave Votto the same deal the Mets gave Bobby Bonilla, I think. Bacially a million dollars a year until the sun stops shining and we all die. it's the only way they could afford him.

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Votto's deal doesn't have any deferred money if that's what you mean.  It was a 10 year extension and all his money is paid out over that 10 years.  He would of got a 10 year deal if he hit free agency.  Fat Prince Fielder who is older than Votto got a 9 year deal, and he won't age well.  It won't be long and he'll be looking like his dad.  Albert Pujols who is probably 3 years older than advertised(he is Dominican and we know how that goes), at least, got a 10 year deal.  The Angels will only see real value out of that contract for 3-5 years in my opinion.

The first 2 years of the extension Votto will actually make less than he makes in 2013.  From 2016 on he gets 20+ million.  That's when their new TV deal kicks in and they are expected to get AT LEAST 1.5 billion dollars over 20 years.  That's 75 Million without even selling a ticket.  At any rate in 5 years 22 million is going to be a pretty decent price for a guy like Votto who is going to be a top 5 offensive player, plus probably somewhere in the not so distant future, like 5 years the NL will have a DH.  Which means Votto will still have value to the Reds when he's declining.  Votto isn't even 30 yet, he hasn't hit his prime.  The Reds made a big market move that someone would of done after ther 2013 season when he hit free agency.

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You've clearly never driven through Drexel.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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The Reds absolutely had the money to make the deal!  They have horded revenue sharing money and their next TV contract, which they don't have yet is going to be huge.  San Diego, a small market team with not that high of TV ratings is getting a 1 billion dollar deal over 20 years.  The Reds are projected to get at least 1.5 billion, but could be more.  They have been top 5 in ratings the last 2 seasons and not only are the on Fox sports in markets like Indianapolis, all of Kentucky, Dayton and Columbus, but they are broadcast 120 games per year in Nashville, Knoxville, Western North Carolina, and West Virginia. 

We know with conference expansion being driven by TV money how important it is for the games to be available in large markets.  Well not only are the Reds in those large markets they are drawing huge ratings in those markets.  The money the Reds have spent and are spending is there and will continue to be there.

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A couple of observations:

1. Yes, the Reds didn't do this after the Bucks won the 2002 National Title. But they didn't do it after Kentucky won the '98 hoops title either. That's because Carl Lindner was not Bob Castellini. If the Bucks win another FB or BB national title in the near future, I bet Bob gives the Buckeyes the same treatment.

2. Lexington is a very loyal Reds town despite the presence of an Astros farm team. It will disgust me to see UK Hoops honored on Ohio soil, but I think this is less of a move honoring UK and more of a move to show the fans in Lexington how much they appreciate their support of Reds baseball. Castellini wants Columbus to be a Reds town instead of a Tribe town, so I think he'd do the same.

3. Someone above stated that "Cincinnatians cheer for OSU FB and UC/XU basketball". No... In general, they cheer for UC/XU basketball, UC football every few years, or they're indifferent or don't care about college football, or they root for Notre Dame because they were raised Catholic, or Michigan because they hate the rest of Ohio. There are a few scattered OSU faithful here and there (most reside outside the 275 belt, which I have a hard time calling "Cincinnati"), but in general, it is not even close to being an Ohio State town. Hence why the Enquirer does not have an OSU beat writer. Right now if you go to their website, there's actually a report on the UK spring game, but there's not a report about the OSU Spring Game. That tells you all you need to know.

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Don't really care abou the whole reds thing, but moving here from pittsburgh for school and now having mostly cinci kids as roommates/friends have given me some interesting tidbits. Some I noticed-

-Most of the people from cinci treat me (as a steeler fan) like a bitter rival, which is when I inform them that no one I know gives a damn about the Bengals. Browns and Ravens are both 10X more hated, Bengals are just there.

-Some UC fans actually beleive that they can win a NC in football in the near future (one actually got a little teary eyed describing his dads longing for one), this makes me laugh

-They seem to think UC (which I'll admit is pretty good historically) is like a top 5-10 basketball program

-The whole OSU is afraid to play them is brought up on occassion

Just some thoughts, only been in Ohio for 8 months and I already can't stand the city

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So you're saying that the Bengals are to the Steelers as Penn State is to Ohio State? Interesting.


Afraid to play UC is laughable.


I also remember there being a strong anti-people-from-cinci sentiment in my days at OSU as well. I also remember that Cinci, as a city, had a mandatory public curfue in place back then because of riots... awesome.


Thanks for the insight. Party on.

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I see Penn State as a rival. They gave us a heartbreaking defeat and took away sole possession of the Big Ten title from us in 2005 - we had to share it instead - and kept us from a Rose Bowl bid in 2008.

Also, Penn State has a history of winning. The Bengals - as much as I love them - do not.

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They're a "rival" in the sense that we play them once a year, and every game counts in CFB. They're not our rival in a sense that it's TTUN.


To me, that's like saying Oregon is USC's Rival, Ok State is Texas' rival, etc. Do they need to and want to beat them? Absolutely. But are they public enemy number one? No.

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

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My level of hate for PSU fans is about as great as my level of hate for UM fans. The difference is that PSU people aren't douchey like UM people are. Penn Staters will straight up get in your face and tell you how much they hate you and the Buckeyes. Then you better duck because someone just launched a piss balloon at you.

UM fans will squeeze a packet of ketchup on your jeans when you're not looking. (This actually happened to me in Ann Arbor in 1987... which had the effect of making me laugh at Michigan doucheyness.)

Have to admit... I respect the visceral hate of PSU fandom. Not even a little for Michigan fans.

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yea i see penn state as just not being a real rival. someone we play every year, and would like to beat every year, but im not gona say i despide the entire state of PA, much like i would be very comfortable taking michigan of the map

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Oh, God, I would. Michigan is awful and evil, but PA is trying real hard to be compete.

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The reason Cincinnati is not as big of an OSU town as say Cleveland is because Cleveland does not have any consistently good/ decent teams that play on the college level in their city.  UC and XU (mostly UC, which is a very large school - ~40,000 students) dominate the college sports scene, unfortunately.  Cleveland has no college sports of their own and therefore rely on OSU.

Cincinnati (the Ohio side) is definitely more of an OSU crowd than a UK crowd.

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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Cincinnati (the Ohio side) is definitely more of an OSU crowd than a UK crowd.


Are you talking about the areas between the Ohio River and I-275? Because if you are, I'd say that's highly debatable. I've lived in Cincy my whole life with the exception of my years at OSU. Even if there are more OSU fans in that geographic area I described, I'd still say it's extremely close, and wouldn't go as far to say that there are "definitely" more OSU fans.

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The only UK fans I have met from across the river are from Hamilton.  I'm in Cincinnati quite often and I live in UK country.  There are not that many Kentucky fans living on the Ohio Side of the river. 

btalbert25's picture

At least in my experience.  I play darts 2 nights a week at various bars around the city and never encounter people wearing UK gear at any of the sports bars.  My wife works over there and at any events we go to over there or just talking to co-workers Ohio State comes up a lot, but other than hearing I hope UK loses etc, I don't hear much talk about UK. 

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I'll concede that there are certainly more OSU fans than UK fans in the eastern portions of Cincinnati, but the West Side is an entirely different story. Just out of curiosity BT, which bars do you throw darts at? My wife and I walk down to Knock Back Nats occasionally for some beers and darts.

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The 2 I go to most are Hey Days and Pegs Pub.  Hey days is up off 74, on Harrison Avenue.  Pegs Pub is in Evendale off of Reading Road.  I play in others too like Westy's and Stagge's those are kind of hole in the wall places up by Kenwood I guess.  One in is in Madeira and the other you take a left off the Kenwood exit, but can't tell you what that neighborhood is considered.  I mostly play in Covington and Newport, but Friday and Saturday there are tournaments and I usually go to one of them on the weekends to play. 

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Do you live on the West Side?  I used to play baseball in CRC up until about 5 years ago, my whole team was from Western Hills, Bridgetown, Price Hill.  We would hang out at a place called Crossroads for Bengals games and a bar called the Smokin Monkey sponsored our team.  I'm over on the West Side quite a bit.  My wife is a school teacher over in Price Hill. 

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That is where your problem lies; the West side is the dark side.  I'm from the East side my entire life until OSU and now UIUC.

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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As for the poll, no it doesn't bother me that the Reds are honoring UK basketball because so far the Reds are drawing jackshit for fans in attendance.  They know UK fans will flock to anything that is UK related and since when you cross the river there are about 500,000 UK fans in the Reds immediate market, it makes sense to have a promotion to try and draw some of those fans in, especially since those in the city are making such a great effort to bring out 15,000 on a weeknight.

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You know, I don't really care. Growing up in the Cleveland area, I never was a Cinci fan, and I'm still not. I don't care what the Reds do. Now, if it were the Indians, you bet I'd be pissed off. However, it's not. 

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I would bet $100 that there are more Michelin fans in Toledo and NW Ohio, than there are Kensucky fans in Cinci and SW Ohio.  Don't know how to prove it though.

Either way, it or leave it, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.



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As a lifetime resident of Cincy except for my 5 years at OSU.  I can honestly say there are more OSU fans than UK fans.  And I live on the west side.

But here is the problem with tOSU as a fan base.  We expect most people to be OSU fans just because we are OSU and it is Ohio.  Quite frankly it is a little cocky to believe we deserve any recognition from Cincy.  Especially when UC is not that bad in either sport, but I we all know UC is nowhere near OSU's level in football, and has proven a month ago they are not equals in basketball.  But Cincinnati fans have a lot to look forward to because their sports teams arent all terrible. 

Besides the only people who should be pissed in this situation are UC fans because the professional team in their own city is honoring another team from a different state.  However nobody really cares about the reds enough to go to games, and they know Kentucky which is right over the rive will make the trip to watch their boys be honored.


I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault.


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I live in Cincinnati, and I think it's ridiculous that the Reds are having UK's basketball team come to be honored.  I've been living in Cincinnati for about three years now, and I've noticed that in the local sports coverage, Ohio State is never really focused on.  I grew up in northern Ohio watching Cleveland news sports coverage, and despite having more local schools like Cleveland St., Kent St., and Akron; Ohio State always was the primary focus.  Down here, it's the opposite!  UC, Xavier, and UK get more coverage and attention than Ohio State.  It even sometimes seems like Dayton, Louisville, Indiana, and Ohio U., get as much attention as Ohio State!  And when the local news down here does cover Ohio State, they get the info. wrong half the time!  I remember last year watching a news report put on by Conan O'Brien's long lost brother, Ken Broo (sportscaster w/ Cincinnati's NBC station).  In the report, they showed footage of what was clearly Mike Brewster answering a question following a game, but the news report said it was Zach Boren answering the question.  Little things like this down here drive me nuts!  And it happens a lot.  I had the unfortunate experience of living in Georgia for a year, where I was surrounded by hillbillies.  When I moved to Cincinnati, I thought well at least I'm back in Ohio where things will be normal.  But unfortunately, to me, Cincinnati feels more like Georgia than Ohio!

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I don't know what people expect though. UC has around 40,000 students.  It's a huge school with major programs and Xavier isn't too shabby either.  With the 8-10 Kentucky Counties that are considered part of the Cincinnati Metro area you have a ton of Kentucky fans.  So, the market that those TV stations cover has more interest in UC, X, and UK than it does Ohio State.  I totally disagree that there is more coverage of IU and Ohio U around here, but yeah UC is going to get more press, X is going to get more press, and even Kentucky with it's roughly 500,000 NKY viewers gets more pressy in this area that Ohio State. 

Ken Broo doesn't care for Ohio State, so I'm not surprised he gets the info wrong at all.  WLWT as a whole pretty much sucks at the news so nothing surprises me out of Channel 5.