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If the Midwest gets a playoff game, where would you like to see it played?



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I'd like to see it played outdoors , which I believe leaves only one option from those listed.

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Optimistically, I would love to seee a northern play-off game. However, I don't believe that's likely. I voted realistically, which would be in Indy, since it's smack-dab in the middle of Big Ten country.

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The whole point would be to get SEC teams to play in the cold how would that work in a dome?

It's good to be home.

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Ford Field for two reasons:

1. Because it's only 40 mins. up I-75 from my house, and

2. Would love nothing more than to invade the epicenter of Sun and Blue Nation with tens of thousands of Buckeye fans for a championship playoff game that doesn't involve them.




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Blasphemy! Have you not read and accepted The Word?

And then He looked at his disciples as the car coasted off the side of a highway in That State Up North. The Land of Milk and Honey was a visible in the distance. A service station was a mere field goal distance away. Then Archie, the disciple whom He loved, spoke: "shall we push thy car into that service station dear coach?". And then he responded, "Bite thy tongue, young one. Is it not worth all that is good in the Land of Milk and Honey to use thy strength to push thoust car across the border? Amen, I say to you, for I do not want to give one goddamn dime to this state!". And thus his disciples pushed His car the remaining distance to The Land of Milk and Honey. And He blessed them.

- The Book of Archie 19:74-75

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Humble - Love it! You, sir, are a true Buckeye historian.  

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Soldfier Field.  Has to be outdoors. We want to see how these SEC big boys play in different weather conditions.

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Had to go with outdoor site. Chicago is the biggest stage the midwest can offer. Bring any school from south of Kentucky up and lets see how good they are.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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^^^^^^ what they both said.  Soldier Field in late December.  Excellent


Could also go with Cleveland Stadium - they haven't seen real football in years and the way things are going they won't for a long, long time to come

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anywhere but detroit

O H I O is the Buckeye State

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Soldier Field

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Soldier field because it is outdoors and the city of Chicago could easily handle the large influx of people during a champtionship game.

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Chicago's lake effect weather make's Cleveland seem like Sarasota. Solider Field is a great venue but the B1G would actually have to work with the Chicago Park District as they own the place, not the Bears-More trouble than its worth.

Besides, with how bad Jay, Marshall, and Jeffery are going to tear the field up this year, no one is going to want to play in Chicago come December :)

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I guess I disagree. Lake effects only hammer cities on the east side of lakes in North America (Cleveland, Buffalo). As such, it's really not an issue up here.

That's not to say Chicago isn't cold or windy, because it is, but we don't really suffer lake effect.

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Chicago doesn't really get lake effect snow - it all goes to NW Indiana and western M*ch*gan. I lived there 10 years and am pretty sure most of my friends who've spent their whole lives there have never heard of lake effect snow. I grew up in Cleveland, and IMO, Chi-town is much windier and brutally cold in the winter, however.

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Chicago doesn't get snow compared to what lake effect those southeast of Cleveland get. As someone who's lived in the snow belt for most of their lives, I can attest to crazy snow conditions. Chicago is cold and windy, sure, but they don't get the ridiculous weather that lake effect causes.

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Hmm then perhaps I don't know what Lake Effect is if I think Chicago's is. I've not been to much of the northeast so I might be a little less versed on the subject. My apologies.


"Chicago in December is crappy" is the bullet point I was trying to get home there.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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Indy!!! Naptown with the roof and sides open in December will be where it needs to be played. Open to the elements but with a good field turf. That way you don't have to worry about a jacked up muddy field from the bears. If they don't open the stadium up then it needs to be in Chitown.

Either way it will be OUR HOUSE!!!



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Chicago. The whole point is to get the SEC teams to play outside in freezing weather in December!

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Who are all these idiots voting for Lucas Oil? What was the whole point behind getting them to travel up here? So that they'd have to play in the miserable frozen tundra wasteland that we call "Winter In the Midwest"! UGH. 

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Soldier Field in the capital of the Midwest works for me. Done and done.

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I like that idea but since it wasn't an option I went with Soldier field. 


Any outdoor staidum in December! Let's see how an SEC team, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, etc fares in cold weather.



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Heinz Field, Cleveland Stadium, Soldier Field, NY City, Lambeau.  Any outdoor site works.  All those stadiums work.  I would avoid Minnesota's new outdoor stadium, because a 12 hour car trip up there would suck.  I'ld rather drive 10 hrs to NY and have milder temps, than expose myself to Minnesota outdoor temps after a 12 hour car trip.

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flights to twin cities not bad

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Only reason I'd invest time and money to go to Minnesota would be to go camping in Voyaguers National Park.  Buckeyes playing up there, in the cold, I'm staying at home and watching it in HD.

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I guess the point here is that if WE had the choice, many of us would choose to play the game outdoors.

I believe the NCAA will be making this decision. Therefore, I believe they would choose one of the indoor venues. I guess if the NFL can play in Green Bay in late December and early January, then they can play an NCAA "playoff game" outdoors. Don't see the NCAA doing that though.



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The NCAA want what will make the most money, which is either in the south or inside. There's no way they'll have it outside, but they should. How else are these southern teams going to learn how to play in real weather?

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^^ No, but it's okay for Northern teams to play in the humidity in the south in late August-September.  It won't ever happen, but I like any B1G teams chances against any SEC, or Florida schools playing in temps below 40 degrees.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.