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Which player from a remaining B1G tourney team do you most wish was a Buckeye?



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Imagine two bigmen that can shoot from outside and demand attention no matter what? Or Hummel. I just love his game. He always gives 110% when he plays.

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Adrian Payne. He's not going pro, is he?

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Green. It's not really even close.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I'd want Shurna if they were still in it

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Adreian Payne the kid is from Dayton and plays his best ball against tOSU...and yes that's how he spells Adreian.

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Imagine Craft and Burke on the court together.......

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Quite frankly, I can't see it happening too often. How is Burke's defense? Would it be better than starts/rotation players? We know that Coach Matta values defense above all else. Plus, who are you going to take the minutes from?

I think the reason why Burke was able to do so much and play so well is same reason Craft did so well last year: Burke has been forced into a position where he is needed to play major minutes and score the ball. Those conditions allowed, and forced him to a degree, to adjust to the game and develop into the player we see today. If Burke were at OSU, I do not think he would be as effective or as good as he is now. 

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Take the time from LS jr. Burke and Craft in the same backcourt would be the best backcourt in college BBall. Defense can be taught, and Burke isn't a slouch on the defensive side of the ball. I've said this before, but this team does better on offense when it's up tempo and pushing the ball fast. They have the athletes and they need to run. With a fantasy version of Burke on this team they should be able to out score anyone and make the stops when necessary.

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I still don't see Burke being as effective or useful here. It take time for Matta to trust his players, and he'd still be playing behind Craft. With both Burke and Craft on the court, we don't match up well with many other Big Ten teams since both are 5-11 and 6-2 respectively. LSJ is 6-4 with a good wing span, and adds some length to our backcourt. 

He very well may have done great here, but just as likely could not have. I don't hate the kid, and I don't blame Matta, because the timing on him was off. People just need to get over the fact that we don't have him and appreciated who we have on this team.

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Not sure who your "appreciation" comment was directed at, but the survey prompted this discussion and it's pretty obvious the Columbus native Burke would have been a great addition to this squad. Add in the fact he and Sully were like brothers at Northland, it only makes sense to question why he isn't here. I imagine Matta saw something he liked better in Scott, and maybe the payoff is down the road. I've always said this is the best Buckeye basketball I've seen during my lifetime, and we owe a lot of that to Matta.

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My appreciation comment was not to you only, but to people in general. I feel like people complain about us not getting Burke, and gripe and pine about it instead of looking at the positives this team has. I did not mean to single you out.

I agree about Matta. I'll trust him. He's done one hell of a job here, winning 20+ games each season. He knows what he's doing.

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We need shooting and better dribble penetration. So it has to be Burke.

I love Green, obviously, but bringing him in means sending Deshaun to the bench, and I don't like that at all.

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I agree that Burke would be a big help, but why would we send Deshaun to the bench if we brought in Green, I am pretty sure that Smith would go to the bench if we added anyone at all.  Buford and DT could play the wing positions just fine.

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I would go with Smotrycz, Novak, or Josh Gasser.  This team needs a bench/5th starter type player who can stretch the court more than anything else.

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the only reason i'd prefer burke over green is that he's from columbus. 

green has had the best season of any player in the conference. the things we'd do to the big ten with he and sully on the floor at the same time would be illegal in many bible-belt states. 

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Green all day. 

Class of 2010.

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Ditto on Green. Another big besides Sully would do wonders for this team. We have the guards. 

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Burke brings in a pretty good shooter. Nice compliment to the team. I'd love to have Green, but I think overall as a team Burke would be better.