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Which game are you most looking forward to this fall?



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Voted with a strong E2B3 bias.

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Ha. As did I.

Eat Too, Brutus III will be held prior to the Nebraska game, for those wondering.

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Excellent.  I definitely want to make it to that event this year.

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Miami! One game at a time.Every Game Matters.

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Miami...after a long off-season and Urban's debut.

Long live the southend.

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Normally it would be State Penn, but since they are headed for CFB purgatory, @Wisky is my choice. Plus, I'm going to Madison for the game.

Sidenote: Does Kevlar effectively stop D-Batteries disguised as Marshmallows?

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I was up there in 2010.  It was rough to say the least, mostly after we were walking out of the stadium.  If it's a loss, they will be in your face, more so than any other away venue I have been to.

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they are losers like their fat alcoholic nose picking coach

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Michigan State 9/29.  Getting married the night before!

Otherwise, Michigan, no doubt.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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It's easier to just get married in the off season. 

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Agreed.  But through compromise, I got a Friday night wedding instead of Saturday and we have a post reception party scheduled for game time.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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you beat me by one day! I hope someone won't notice when I'm gone for minutes at a time!

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getting married isn't a race. and if it is, i'm "losing"

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definitely think @wisky will be the closest game, it will be the first really harsh road enviornment urban and co. face (i can never consider mich st an intimidating football venue). however, im looking forward to michigan the most, itll be my first in person experience at the game. it will be glorious to make brady hoke angry. though beating wisky by 80 should be fun as well

FUqUespin's picture

wisconsin wont even be close... they have nothing... we win by 17


and beat mi$h!tagain by 17, too

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I too voted with an E2B bias. However, it looks less likely that I'll be able to attend [sad face].

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how is this even a question???

playing that school up north is our de facto '12 championship game!

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^Exactly!  I was shocked to see this voted less than 90%

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Every year, no matter the circumstances, the only correct answer is TTUN.

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I have at least 12 Michigan games to look forward to!  My favorite is the last one in November. 

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Michigan is too obvious so I said Nebraska. Can't wait to see the Huskers in the Shoe... that might have something to do with growing up a Nebraska fan (who am I kidding, I still am a Nebraska fan, even if I'll be rooting for the Buckeyes in that game).

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Wish I could have picked Miami- Most looking forward to the first game, and then it will be the second game, etc. 

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side note: why use the M word?

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What? The Michigan game is on the 24th? According to that boy it's on the 27th.

Outside of Meatchicken, i'll say Wisconsin. After that, Nebraska.

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wow, CAL over PSU?  Times they are a changin'

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Ronald Reagan for your icon Photo!!!



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Favorite Sports moment = 2006 OSU 42 mi$h!tagain 39.  Bad calls on PI let those clowns stay in the game.

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hey how come i can't vote for the mi$h!tagain game like 100 times??

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I voted with my bias for some good Flounder...fried Flounder

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