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Which Buckeye hoopster is most important for a win in Madison?



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I'm tired of wondering which Willie Buford will show up.  I just want to see Desean Thomas take the game over offensively.  I like seeing his ugly mug on tv.

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Agree 100% about the WB44.  His Jekyl and Hyde impression is disappointing, especially since he's a senior. 

We call DT "Buckets", because #BucketsGetsBuckets. 

Don't text while driving.

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Deshaun? don't know who desean is... busting balls

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Deshawn is my favorite Buckeye Baller.  I can't believe I spelled Deshorn like Degiorno...wierd.



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Sully; the whole offense revolves around him.

Long live the southend.

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I think if Will plays well, we never lose.  I think you can basically count on your 8 from craft, 15-20 each from sully and thomas and then Willy Wild Card Buford. Obvs if Zelle plays like he can, then nobody can beat us, but hes gotta show it to me once on the road before I think he is a game changer.

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

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I voted AC (Slater).  If he shuts down Jordan Taylor we win.  If Taylor gets going it's a battle.

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all about Big Game Buford... no?

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DT = I'm Shootin It.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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The leader on this team is Craft. He is not afraid to let the others know when they are slacking. He also leads by example.

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Easy its craft he is sticking their best player you contain him game over. Ive seen enough at wisky game to know they will homer the shit out of us. This game will be close for that reason only. However, Buford hits on some 3's its game over.

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Except you never know when Buford is going to hit those 3s.

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ESPN is trying to crown us as the no 1 team in the country right now.  Always trying to jinx us, man.

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Gotta go with Craft. Defense is going to win the battle at Madison and bring Matta his first (is that right?) win in the Kohl Center. Offense is a great thing to have, and, between Sully, Deshaun, and the recent LSJ, plus whatever Buford shows up, I think it will be covered. What we need is a phenomenal defense, and Taylor not going ham on us in the last 10 minutes. Naturally, that means Craft has to be on, and we better improve our pick and roll defense. If I remember correctly, that's what killed us at the end of that game.