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Urban Meyer recently told Dom Tiberi that he has "some marginal guys" in his first Ohio State class. How do you feel about that?



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Meyer is not a moron. This was calculated IMO as a motivation tactic to "prove him wrong".....althought it's kinda true in a typical Meyer recruiting haul

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In his opinion they are marginal.  Maybe Coach Meyer and his multi-million dollar staff can coach em up with their hair on fire, and help them become better players. 

Where you start the journey and where you end the journey are usually different spots.

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The comment was fine. He didn't name names. It is his honest appraisal and it should be, and I believe it is, a motivation for each and every recruit to work hard.


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Motivational tool; not only for the marginal players but also for the coaches, in recruiting, teaching and training.

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Check 10TV on Sunday night. It was a teaser from a sit-down interview that will air then.

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Thanks Jason.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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Ive almost been getting the feeling that urban kind of relies on stars and not as much scouting when he recruits. Which could actually be a good time saver, if they're highly ranked and have other good offers trust that their that good and go get them. And before I get "ZOMG Marcus is threeve stars and he wanted him!!!", he even referred to his highlight reel which isn't the most in depth scouting report. I realize they obviously do scout players but its hard to not feel like he chases stars quite a bit.

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^Wrong. Have you not listened to any of Meyer's interviews on recruiting? He doesn't give a rat's ass about rankings, he has said it's nice to have highly ranked recruits, but in the end he looks for high character guys, that are competitors and that are physically ready to play. What part of high character or tough competitor is accounted for by a star ranking? None. There's a reason he's one of the best recruiter, and it's not because he uses star rankings...

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Yes, because if he said so it must be fact! You think he know's how good all this classes recruits will be? And yet he called some marginal, probably because the pre-meyer recruits are'nt as highly rated.

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Did you take into consideration that he could just be attempting to motivate they guys? Also to even suggest that one of the best recruiters in CFB is a star chaser is ridiculous. If that were the case why didn't he go after Andrus Peat, Kyle Murphy, Arik Armstead, DGB, or Darius Hamilton? He got together with the staff and identified whi the best players were in their opinion and called them, from there it's history. 

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I wouldn't say it's ridiculous seeing as nowadays the best recruiters are determined by how many high star players they bring in, I'd actually say they're somewhat correlated. And he most likely knows that certain players have such little interest from the get-go that there is little point in trying to get them in regards to DGB etc.

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The problem I have with the comment is that those who committed prior to Meyer becoming the coach will assume he's talking about them. I suspect it's more likely to lead to division than it is to motivate.

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That's what i was thinking B Chuck! 

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Well, he probably is talking about them... so there's that.


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Everyone that has ever played for Urban says he is a master motivator.  That's what this is.  Gone are the days of undeserved loyalty and entitlement.  As long as Urban is here, the best players will play.  This was a blanket comment to the whole team.  He's basically saying that you all had enough talent to get here, but who's gonna work their asses off to turn talent into greatness?

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Let's not forget that Coach Mick's job is to make these kids mentally tough as well as physically tough.  If they aren't mentally tough when Coach Meyer makes these comments, then they probably won't play much if at all.  These kids are athletes, and they should use it as motivation to work that much harder to prove themselves.

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We know he's not talking about the D-Line or the Linebackers. 

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In yesterday's CD, Izzo was quoted as saying, "We're not as talented (a team) as some . . ." In bball, only 7-8 guys are in the regular rotation, so it's not like any of Izzo's "marginal" players have anywhere to hide; moreover, Izzo is assessing his team, which consists mostly of veterans, at mid-season.

In contrast, it's likely that none, or very few, of the players in Urbz' 2012 recruiting class know that they're the ones considered marginal, and they all have every opportunity in front of them to prove him wrong. In any case, Urbz isn't going to call them out publicly. Instead, it's left to each player's imagination which ones Urbz was referring to, which could be an interesting motivational tool (i.e. psychological gamesmanship).       

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Honestly, he's right. I do not think he would've offered Roberts, Elflien, Frank E, or possibly Southward. He's being completely honest. Let's not act like none of us will call a player "marginal" or worse if we think he isn't that talented on the field.