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How does Ohio State fare this week in its final two games?



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Any sane fan cannot see us winning at EL. Easton, well, I'm more hopeful for that one, but the Wildcats play it tough at home.

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I voted 1-1 given the on and off streak recently.  I hope the team rises to the occasion and surprises us all...

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This team has shown they have no heart, when push comes to shove they just roll over and quit.


1-1 and a 3rd or 4th seed for MM.


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My thoughts exactly.

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One weekday game, one weekend game. No brainer...1-1.

Long live the southend.

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1-1 but hoping otherwise.

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I sadly see this as an 0-2 week for us. Hope i'm wrong.

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the 2006 & 2007 Florida National Championship teams won just 2 of their last 5 regular season games each of those years


not giving up hope!

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can we have a poll about beating this issue to death? or how bout one about preferred object to jump off of whent he sky starts to fall?

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I will be happy with ONE win this week!

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Both these teams are beatable and we're going to beat them both.  Buckeye nation needs to give the love to these guys this week.


We're still on our way to a national title and this is the first step