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Following last night's loss to the Spartans, which camp are you in?



JakeBuckeye's picture

Fluke game of really bad shooting. Glass half full.

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Half full of shit right now.  Agree they need to make some shots 48 pts at home is bush league.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I'm hoping they can improve as the season goes on. If they can beat Sparty in their house at the end of the season as bad or worse than they beat us, I'll have my hopes real high for the Tourney.

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The team had a bad defensive showing followed by a bad offensive showing. This team isn't bad and I certainly expect them to handle Minnesota and then compete against Michigan. I'd put money on Thomas and Sullinger scoring 40+ combined. Definitely half full.

Class of 2016. Go Bucks!

poguemahone's picture

No positives from last night's game. I think we've discovered Matta's ceiling.

William's picture

No. Last night had less to do with Matta as much as it had to do with how the team shot. They were horrific at shooting last night, what did you want Matta to do, put in Chris Jent?

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I think when your team is shooting that bad, you do have to put in somebody else Ross or Siebert. Just to see.

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

Nick's picture

I agree or just keep running to the basket, at least when your missing you have a chance at a foul and the line. Also the officiating wasn't great either, Sully got mugged on several occasions. I don't think anyone on our team has that kind of attitude to give back when the refs are allowing it. 

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I really wasn't shocked watching that game.  It was only a matter of time until all of our streaky guys got bad at the same time.  What is frustrating is to see craft not even try to creat when he was the only player who was hot on the team.  If buford or thomas cant score from mid range we will lose no matter who we play.  Thompson, craft, smith, and sully all want to play around the rim and nobody can make shots.

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

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A bad shooting night in a meaningless game.  At this point, all you need to do is make the tournament.  You don't want to play like this IN the tournament.  The time to get hot is in 2 weeks.

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+1 BUCKSFAN. Peak in March, not in February.

The B1G is hands down the toughest (top to bottom) CBB conference (at least based on the Pomeroy Rankings). Hopefully they'll be ready after surviving the gauntlet.

Don't text while driving.

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I think it was the result of a young team feeling the pressure of high expectations and facing a very hungry team with not much to lose. I could be wrong; they could go out and lay an egg at Minnesota. But I think the team will rebound. The reg season finale at East Lansing should be interesting.  

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Not Matta's fault.

It's the fact that we have no consistent scoring threats on the perimeter. I mean, honestly, how easy is it to guard our guards? And then if you have good post play, we're done.

1. Have a long NBA-type athlete that can be physical and get in Buford's face.

2. Play 5 feet off of both Craft and Lenzelle so they don't drive around you. Beg them to shoot.

3. Hit the boards hard and frustrate Sullinger with bench depth and physicality.


All the elite teams can do that to us and MSU is the best equipped in conference. This is about structural issues with THIS team (lack of shooters, lack of consistent perimeter threats, Buford not turning into a consistent go-to guy) and not about coaching.

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If Bufford doesn't want to work to get open, get him off the court.  everytime I see Bufford, he is standing still in a corner, when OSU has the ball.  Young man needs to work to get open or sit on the bench. 


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Agree with this.  There was some talk following the Purdue game about only having two scoring threats, and needing a third.  Actually, to me it kind of feels like Sully is the only real scoring "threat," and after that, this team only has scoring "possiblities." 

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Anyone else concerned with Sully's lack of composure at times?  I understand he's being beaten up, but I thought his frustration led to him just throwing shots up and hoping they called a foul.  And Buford....when he's on...when he's not...I see some disturbing trends.  Inconsistency from your most experienced player and lack of shooters.  Anything can happen in a 3 week tourney but I'm not seeing the Bucks being able to hide their issues for too long. What's going on with Amir? Is he that far behind?

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I think, at this point in the season, the reasons to be pessimistic outnumber optimistic.  Thomas has been the real bright spot on the season.  His defense isn't where it needs to be, but generally his offense makes up for it.  Not so on Saturday, but we'll be lucky if he sticks around another year.  Smith Jr. has moved into that David Lighty role very comfortably.  His defense is always there, but the offense is not consistent.  The bench has also been a positive, not exactly in scoring but in the ability to play meaningful minutes.  Now for the bad.  Buford has failed to be what the team needs in terms of having a senior type scorer when the going gets tough.  Sullinger's new frame isn't making much sense, seeing that it has hurt his physcality down low and he hasn't been playing extended minutes (his flopping and frustration on Saturday marked his low point at OSU).  He has been hurt more and there doesn't seem to be an improvement in his athleticism.  Craft has been steady but he is pretty much the same player he was last year.  He is a leader but not an offensive threat.  When he does score, as he did against MSU, it is when the defense ignores his scoring prowess in favor of containing someone else.  And on top of all that, Matta doesn't seem to know what to do with substitutions, even though he's got some real options.  That could be a killer come tourney time.  Purdue exposed defensive weakness in our defense, MSU exploited them.  Hopefully they get it under control.