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Besides Braxton Miller, who is Ohio State's best playmaker next season on offense?



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Devin Smith has elite speed and athleticism and it certainly was underutilized so I ended up voting for him.  I think we're going to find out a lot about our current roster this upcoming season when their put into positions to utilize their playmaking abilities rather than being put out there because they minimize the chance to turn it over.  

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im looking forward to what devin smith can do, hes been doing track (high jump) and he just jumped like 7' 1/4 which is some serious ups. just imagine if he got every 50/50 ball, except the qb was actually good, as opposed to the way denard robinson seems to get things done...but i voted for stoney because im really excited to see what he can do. hes got one season to make a real impression, and i think he's gona turn some serious heads. he seems like a great guy (i stalk his tweets...dont judge), and i want him to succeed maybe more than anyone else on the roster (except brax of course, because the offense starts with the qb). 

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I voted for Mo Wells..#34 is FINALLY gonna have his breakout year

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In the amount of time it took me to read this post, I stutter-stepped fifteen times and then dove into the back of the O-line.

I'm with Mo.


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3 yards and a cloud of har baby.

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I'm still trying to figure out at what point people started to think jordan hall is some sort of huge playmaker...

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The #7 jersey clouds judgement

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of course, it all makes sense now...

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Plays he made against Purdon't and Florida.

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That td against florida was pretty sweet I'll admit haha

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Braxton & Devin Smith have some serious chemistry on the field... no homo

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I think Jordan Hall could be a playmaker in Meyer's offense. He'll be a senior and I think that the offensive staff will be able to actually use him like he can be used. Lack of speed will hurt somewhat, but he's got some moves.

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Jordan hall is so good in practice that I can't imagine him not being "the guy" in games..Brown has the tools, just needs to toughin up and catch the ball! Smith is an All-Big ten waiting to happen..but he needs to be on the field more and targeted by Braxton.