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You're Jim Irsay, do you hire Jim Tressel?



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How 'bout, only if Bollman is NOT part of the pkg?

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I would love to see Coach Tressel get a shot, but I think from a PR perspective it would be a nightmare for Jim Irsay and the Colts organization.  Fans in Indy are already kicking and screaming that their even considering him.  All of the national media will be frothing at the mouth waiting for him to fail or have an issue they beat to death for a year.       

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He would be dumb if he didnt hire one of the smartest football minds in the country? 

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No doubt.  The man is a bargain.

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What other options do the Colts even have?  They were way late to the coaching search party and we've already seen guys who have no business being head coaches land jobs (Joe Philbin).  You have to think the Colts had someone in mind when they decided to let Caldwell go so late.  My guess is that guy had to have been Jim Tressel, especially since he's already been interviewed twice.

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a man who preches lives and breathes special teams and defense, with championships at the top 2 levels of college sports, getting a shot as an NFL coach? THAT'S PREPOSTEROUS. 

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I voted Only if Jim Bollman is part of the package because...well...lulz mostly

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