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Will you watch the SEC championship on Monday night?



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I don't hate the SEC and I don't watch "House," but I definitely will not watch.

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I don't care about the SEC, but I won't watch because non-conference champs have no business in that game. Didn't in 2006 with Michigan, don't now with Alabama. Won't watch one minute of this game.

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This x100, especially when the computers have an actual conference champ ranked higher. Everyone not in the SEC is getting the Boise State treatment.

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I would like a " Maybe" option. It all depends on if I'm in the mood and if I remember it is on. I'll probably flip between that and something else.

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Let's be honest. I would rather watch a rerun of House than a rerun of an SEC foozball game.

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I'm not a neilson house, so I'm not sticking it to anyone by not watching.  I'm just not that interested.

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I don't hate the SEC and have never seen House and don't care to. I won't watch because I'm not interested.

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Will Castle be on?  I'll definiltely watch that.

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Sticking with "no," but it's due to the fact that I don't care enough to watch it.

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What point am I trying to make by not watching it again? It'll be on in my house but I'll be doing other things as well, just like with all the other BCS games this year.

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No, because the new season of "Intervention" starts and watching people shooting up heroin is weirdly more entertaining than a re-run of an SEC game.

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In terms of the pharmacology they're the exact same thing.


Pam's picture

A new way to kick heroin: watch the LSU-'Bama rematch

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The LSU v. Bama rematch is also a low-cost alternative to Ambien. Actually, when you think about it, the pharmacological possibilities of The Game of The Century are almost limitless. 

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Neitchze was actually talking about this football rematch when he used the term 'opiate for the masses'.

I think he was also making a subtle fat joke about the southland.


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Really wish I didn't have to say yes, but sadly every other bartender I work with is either a bamer or lsu fan. So I gotta work, and its gonna be awful. Praying for me won't help, so drink for me instead.

I can't stand lsu or their grass eating imp of a coach, but I hope they DESTROY bama. Their fans are the worst, more classless, ignorant, vile people and it is not close. Ugh. I may need enough opiates for all the masses to get through this one.

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Over-under on how many times LSU being on probabion or that their QB drop kicked a Marine in the head is brought up?

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Over-under that the stadium breaks out the S-E-C chant at some point during the game?

Run_Fido_Run's picture

123 times. As stupid as that is, it would funny if, when the last few seconds were ticking off the clock, and Bama/LSU fan was about to suffer a heart-wrenching defeat, you go up to losing fans and yell, "SEC, dude, SEC! Six championships in a row! Give me five, isn't it awesome!"

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Team SEC/ESPiN wins this one without my consent.

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At best i'll be flipping back and forth.  The whole thing is a eSECpn wet dream. 

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I don't watch re-runs. Besides, this so-called championship game is a joke; two team from not only the same conference but also from the same division within.

Long live the southend.

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Do you smell what the SEC is cooking? I do, and it smells like shit. This is also a hint as to what I will be watching that night.

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"All COLLEGE football is good football..."

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ha, are you implying that is not what the SEC is?

if so I completely agree

vacuuming sucks

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Your snarky interpretations of my posts make more sense than my posts.

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vacuuming sucks

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How was NOLA, M Man?

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I'll be watching closely. I can't wait to see the 2 greatest teams in the history of the world in a matchup that will surely crown the winner as the most dominant college sports team since records have been kept. I eagerly anticipate watching The Honey Badger face off against Trent Richardson, who lifts weights in case any of you didn't know, as both of them are easily capable of winning most games against most teams by their respective selves. The very thought of watching all that speed, has me ready with my DVR remote in hand, to rewind plays and watch in slow motion to see what actually happenened. Finally, I cannot wait for another blockbuster, barnburning scorefest that I can only pray will equal in scoring intensity as the first epic & dramatic installment provided...We as sports fans are truly blessed to have been so lucky to be provided by the SEC and the powers that be, another chance to lay our eyes on these two fine teams colliding yet again. Thank you football Gods!

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Yeah, I really want to see a game where they say "ESS EEE CEEE SPEEED" every other sentence. Listening to Kirk Herbstreit call the game may cause me to vomit. :/

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House went to Michigan. Screw House.

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I knew there was a reason I've never watched House. Just didn't know it was because he is a dbag. Screw House indeed.

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I'll watch it with the sound off. I can't listen to diarrhea mouth sports commentators stroke the SEC. I'm pretty sure the halftime will include Mark Schlabach/SEC coaches extreme bukkake show.

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I know this is an OSU fan site and all, but don't you think the SEC love is warranted a bit?  5 titles in a row.  If LSU wins they'll have beaten the Pac-12/Rose Bowl champ, the Big East/Orange Bowl Champ and Alabama twice in the same season.  That's a remarkable season.  

Face it, they play better football than we do down thar.  Hopefully Urbz raises the level here, and the re-ignited OSU/Michigan rivalry raises the conference up as a whole.



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Well this particular season they're going to win the Nat'l Title because they SHUT EVERYONE ELSE OUT from even playing in the game. So OF COURSE they win it. 

SOME of us felt that Alabama, a team whose best win was a loss, shouldn't be rematched in the title game vs LSU. 

When SEC Love gets to the point where it becomes a SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY that bars 1 loss teams from other conferences from even getting into a title game in favor of an SEC team that didnt even win its own division, you know something is out of control. 

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I have successfully boycotted the BCS thus far.  The trend will not be broken.

Michigan didn't deserve that game, and this MNC is a farce.

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The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Class of 2009

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I have STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC to play. That game is crack, and I'm not an MMO guy usually.   /neerrrrrrrrdsss! 

I will probably have that game up on another monitor though, sans audio. When the desperate days of no football  are upon us I'll not reget drinking in all the `ball I could. And at least one SEC team will lose the NCG so there's that. 

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