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How high will Sullinger be drafted in the NBA draft?



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"Don't be crazy, he's staying"

If not, 3-7.

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He showed a real bad trend against Illinois. He might find himself in the same boat a lot of other college "Big Men" do. He's ultimatley too short to play a legit 5 and might not be a real 4 either and clearly isn't a three. He struggled mightily against an NBA sized center against Illinois. I don't know where Jared falls in the draft, which he'd be a fool not to enter. Top 3 is too far fetched if you ask me. Teams want big men but Sully isn't one of those once in a lifetime big men that come out-like Greg Oden...oh wait.


DISCLAIMER-I have long held that Oden would a 15\11\3 block guy if his body didn't betray him.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I don't think Sully is an elite 4, but I do believe he will be a longtime NBA player at that position.  What he lacks in height and jumping ability he makes up for with positioning his body to take away taller players' height advantages.  I view him as a more savvy version of Glen Davis with a much more finely tuned offensive game.  Sully's absolute cieling would be as a Kevin Love type of player, but Love is obviously bigger than Sully and I don't think Jared will approach Love's statistical averages.  A smart club that thinks long term and values high character guys -- someplace like the Spurs -- would love to draft or trade for a player like Sully.  While he's never going to be a perrenial All Star, I think he'll make that squad once or twice in a long career.  He seems like he would be an excellent first man off the bench type of player.

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Really? I see him as a calmer Zach Randolph. Randolph isn't a leaper, but he can be a 20/10 guy. Both can post, and shoot outside.

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I thought Sullinger was coming back to be more of a swing player or Power Forward this year.  I guess maybe Amir wasn't ready to be a center just yet so Sully hasn't had the chance to transition over.  Another year may do him some good.

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Oh would I be sooo excited if he doesnt enter this year. We would only be loosing Buford (which isnt that god-awful) Ravenel, maybe Deshaun Thomas (I think he would stay if Sully did) and the great freshman class of Williams, Ross and Scott would continue to improve. We would be stacked. Starting 5






With Ross, Sibert, Witherspoon and Amir Williams off the bench.

Haha I know I basically just named this years team, but they would be improved and Matta would trust them more

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Prob not in the top 10 IMO TBH... 


Not b/c I don't think he'll be a good pro (I do - look at Paul Millsap tearing it up for Utah right now, and others like Landry, Maxiell, etc), but b/c NBA scouts and draftniks work (much like their NFL counterparts) and they will methodically pick apart Sully during the draft process and focus on his flaws, causing his draft stock to drop. (Then the spurs will draft him mid 1st rd and everyone will be like 'why were we so stupid?!')

He's too short, will look too unathletic in drills, has "college tweener" written all over him and has stayed in school too long for him to go really high. Which is all probably a blessing in disguise b/c he'll go to a favorable situation on a contender. 

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Sullinger will be -- at worst, IMO -- a DeJuan Blair on steroids. At best, maybe a poor man's Kevin Love. Either way, he will be a rock of an NBA player for a very long time in the league (again in my amateur opinion.)

He rebounds, has a high basketball IQ, and is a great passer. I assume his range will only get better with time as well. 

Will he ever be the best player on a championship team? I don't think so, but he will be a valued commodity. Doubt he survives the first ten picks.

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I agree. Sully has phenomenal hands, he's naturally very strong (in his "core" muscle groups), and he has a great feel for the game.

In the NBA, Sully won't have to guard and/or score against 7+ foot centers. They can isolate him against power forwards, or if he's double-teamed, he's adept at finding the open man.

The only match-up problem he'll have is against teams with a center plus a tall "power forward" that plays mostly outside, shooting 3-pointers (e.g., Dirk Nowitzki).

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He'll go in the 5-8 range. He's more of a Tyler Hansbrough than anything- under-sized, poor jumping ability, but strength like a mule and the tenacity of a hyena on cocaine.


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What happened to his leaping ability?  He used to dunk on fools in high school, now he just lays it up even if the dunk is there, same thing with Deshaun Thomas.  Everybody knows, YOU GOTTA DUNK THAT SH&+!!!

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He certainly didn't have any last year.  We used to start Dallas just so he could jump center.  I don't think he is nearly athletic enough to be a big man in the NBA.  He has a good enough skill set to be successful as a 4 but he needs to improve his mid to long range jumper.  Honestly I wouldn't be overly surprised to see him stay at least one more year.  It depends how much he is enjoying his time at OSU.  It isn't like his family is struggling (a la BJ "Byron" Mullens) and he seems smart enough to do something other than play basketball.

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I votes "Don't be crazy, he's staying" just to be a little crazy myself.

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