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Would you be pleased with the Mike Stoops hire, should he accept?



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How could you vote no for this? LOL.

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I've actually heard from several Buckeyes that they're not convinced this is the right fit. Also, I think some people are letting the more recent impressions of his success as a head coach make them forget about his success as a defensive coordinator. There's also always the theory of "too many egos" on one sideline, but I'm not sure how much I would give that validity here. 

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Yeah...who are the 6%, here?  Explain.

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Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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Reasons I'd be OK with the Stoops hire: He's an Ohio guy who coaches with his hair on fire, which fits the profile Urban talked about in his initial presser perfectly.  Also, he's a good recruitor whoh would open up some recruiting avenues in the SW & West Coast areas, areas where OSU hasn't gotten much traction in the past. 


Should he accept is a different question: Stoops recently got divorced and his wife and kids are staying in Arizona. He has an opportunity to rejoin the OU staff as DC for his brother, where he was already very successful and won a National Championship.  Also, rumors are going around saying Monte Kiffin might retire in the near future and Stoops could get looked at for DC at USC. 


Bottom line: If Stoops WANTS to be a Buckeye, I'll be more than happy to have him. Gotta have people that really want to be here. 

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This poll looks like a "Do you like/dislike Craig James?" or Mark May type.

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This would have to make Ohio State the best defensive coaching staff outside of Alabama.

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Watching him on the sidelines reminds me of watching Brian Kelly or Bo Pelinin.  It just is somebody I would rather not have on the sidelines representing the University.  He may be a great DCo, but he looks like a fool.

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^^^ This. Pelini is not anywhere near calm cool and his interview at halftime of the OSU game this season, guy was about to explode.

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I'd love to have Bo Pelini representing the university. That intensity is there whether they're playing Arkron or Wisconsin. It's hard to skip a play with Pelini only 20 yards away.

"Because we couldn't go for three"

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And yet Nebraska skipped 3 quarters against OSU.

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You do have to factor in that Stoops is going to be very expensive & often looked like a jackass on the sidelines... Just saying

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What does it matter if a coach gets in a player's face during a game? I'd hope that these players don't have such a fragile mindset that they could be detrimentally affected by someone yelling at them. If they did something wrong, I don't expect a coach to sit down with the kid on the bench, hold his hand, tell him everything will be alright and coddle the kid. I expect the coach to get out there and light a fire under the player's ass so he goes back out on the field and tears it up.

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With Stoops it isn't so much about getting in players faces. He carries on like a jackass on the sideline, like a spoiled brat whenever a call goes against his team, even if it is the right call. I have a feeling that as DC he might be a little less visable and maybe Urb can keep him better focused. Of course he might not choose us anyway.

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I'm not too concerned with a coach having a meltdown on the sidelines. The Brian Kelly deal was blown a bit out of proportion.  Some coaches have horrible tempers and cuss and carry on on the sidelines or on the court.  Tom Izzo is pretty routinely red/purple faced screaming at someone player or official and he's a pretty good guy and great coach.  I guess it's just a matter of personal preference. 

If Notre Dame were undefeated and in the mix, I have a feeling that tirade would've had announcers saying look at the intesity, what a motivator.  Since, they same old ND they have been the last 15 years or so you get articles and writers complainging about a coach using the Eff word while they are watching the game with their family and people feeling sorry for the poor QB.

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"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

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there are better coaches out there than mike freaking stoops. no.

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Head Coach vs position/coordinator is not the same or difficult to understand. Mike Stoops is a proven winner when it comes to the above. My opinion is let this guy run rampant for D with Luke & whoever they assemble. Absurdly great hire if it pans out.

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Changing my answer to "No" after reviewing the resume of other candidates, most notably Chuck Heater:   


Heater is another Ohio guy with some serious pedigree and I think he specializes in the part of OSU's D that is the most poorly coached/played: the secondary.

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