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What do you think of the B1G getting involved in the Penn State situation?



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I don't understand why the NCAA or B1G is involved in PSU's situation. What happened there is so much bigger than football and all the people responsible for the situation have been removed from the university. Therefore any sort of punishment done to the school is a punishment done to innocent parties. Paterno, Shultz, Sandusky etc. are all fired. This is bigger than football, it's bigger than college. Its a humanity in general issue. The only people that should be involved are the federal government who are investigating and prosecuting the guilty parties.

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I have felt from the beginning that there was a risk of them being voted out and the BIG may not have a choice in this case.  Is PSU a Leader or Legend?????????



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I think the reason the NCAA feels like they should get involved is b/c they realize now how stupid, ridiculous, and unnecessary most of their rules are regarding "amateur" athletes. They're like: Oh wow, we've been sitting here crapping on schools who didn't do a good enough job monitoring their student-athletes who took a few hundred dollars, while over at Penn State and Syracuse young boys were getting raped by dirty, disgusting old men.

Hopefully they're starting to see that their own rules (NCAA) are NOT bigger than public law, which they often seem to think is the case. You take a few hundred dollars and have to miss 10 games, but if you get a DWI, you only miss one or two games?? WTH?? Makes NO sense.

But i agree, i don't think the NCAA should have anything to do with Penn State, much like i don't think Congress should be sticking their noses into the BCS and college football.

On a different note, however, i eventually think the NCAA will become irrelevant when the big boys of college football and basketball decide to split away from the "have-nots" of the two sports and form their own governing body in conjunction with super conferences. Not that i want that b/c i don't want a playoff, but i bet it'll happen soon.

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We need more information before rushing to judgment. Anyone that voted one way or the other is only contributing to the same media hyperbole that plagued our team. I have seen a lot of damning information and it has been framed to imply guilt but it has not been proven yet. I have little faith that Sandusky is innocent but I temper myself to not give others the same treatment that Tressel received. (I understand that neither incident is even remotely similar and there is presently a lot of victims to strengthen the prosecutors case.) Don't feed the machine folks. I do believe that it has been proven that PSU officials didn't handle the original complaint efficiently and thoroughly, correct?

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I have little faith that Sandusky is innocent but I temper myself to not give others the same treatment that Tressel received. (I understand that neither incident is even remotely similar and there is presently a lot of victims to strengthen the prosecutors case.)


Okay. I understand what you're saying, but if you're going to bring up a comparison and then immediately say that the two situations aren't remotely similar...I mean...why even bother? Jumping to conclusions is one thing; reading sworn grand jury testimonies containing specific allegations made by multiple victims is something else entirely. You're absolutely right. The two situations aren't similar AT ALL.

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I hate the idea of punishing 700 student athletes for the sins of a few football coaches and administrators.

That's why I hate NCAA sanctions in general. Punish the individuals, not the innocent people on the rest of the team.

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I want them kicked out of the conference.

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This is a terrible, awful idea!  Everyone is disgusted with what happened around the Penn State football program, but what does that have to do with Penn State's membership in the Big Ten?  I don't even see how the two are connected.

Kicking Penn State out would return the conference to 11 teams, which would eliminate the championship game that the B1G has been coveting for so long.  Presumably they would try to fill the gap with some other school, but tell me what other school would be better than Penn State?  Aside from Notre Dame, the answer is none.  PSU is an elite, premier public university with a thriving athletic program.  Kicking them out of the Big Ten would be like shooting yourself in the foot.

But even worse in my mind is the precedent that it would set.  The next time there is a scandal at Ohio State, would we want people talking about kicking us out of the conference?  We want our conference to be a model of stability.  When a school joins our conference, we want them to be around for 100 years.  The Big Ten is nothing without its tradition and history.  But if we are going to start inviting schools to join and then contemplate kicking them out 20 years later, that completely undermines what we are trying to accomplish.  We wouldn't want our conference's schools to contemplate jumping ship for the Big XII or SEC if they came calling.  We'd want them to be loyal to the Big Ten.  But how can we expect that kind of loyalty if we are not willing to show it to other programs who are struggling through hard times?

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I haven't seen anything reported about certain B1G schools wanting Penn State out of the conference?  If true, that's pretty f'ing dumb.  Anyone have any information on that?

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Totally not appropriate IMO for the NCAA to get involved in something that's turning out to be a huge ongoing Federal investigation. Makes it look like the B1G is just trying to jump in and save face.



That being said, from a coldly rational "what's best for the conference (and thus, OSU)" point of view, I could see why they're doing this. Penn St's brand is permanantly tarnished and the B1G wants to protect the reputation of their product. Everytime Sandusky is hauled in front of the cameras sporting a PSU jacket (ugh, hate even typing his name) the B1G's reputation suffers in the court of public opinion, rightly or wrongly. Plus, PSU is basically done as a football powerhouse for the forseeable future, and when you weigh all the pros and cons out, there is a good argument to be had in kicking them out ASAP. 


[ does not mean I personally agree with these sentiments ^, just what I think the reality is ] 

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Let 'em go.. PSU's glory days are all when they were dominating the Big East so let them return to that. Although they might be located a little too close to the East coast to actually be a valid candidate for expansion.

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