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Who wins the next national title for Ohio State?



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Matta's winning it all this season.

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To be fair, I think we said that last season.

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I'm guilty of that as well.....

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As good as they were last year, they are better this year.

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I think they were better last year. Solid SR leadership and you had Diebler who could shoot the 3 as well as anyone in the country.  Look at the stats from this year's squad: Buford is the only one who has a decent percentage from downtown which will significantly hamstring this team late in the season *No I'm not counting Sully's 2-6 on the year*.  I think we will all have a much more accurate assessment of OSU's title shot this year after watching the Duke game tomorrow night. 

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I think they could be better is a much more realistic statement.  Unlike last year this team isn't quiet sure who they are, and Diebler/Lighty are big losses, but if some key players step up, this team has a world of potential.

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Thad this year, Urban next year. HATERS GONNA HATE

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I'll say Urban wins it all in 2013..Braxtons Jr. Year.


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The pieces are in place for Thad this year and the next few. Urban has just a bit more work to do before this happens... (ie. coaches, systems, etc. ect.).

I expect great things from Meyer, but we are deluding ourselves if we think that the National Championships are gonna just come rolling in the door. He will be very very successful and OSU football will be very exciting. There is a reason so few football teams win NCs on a regular basis.


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If it wasn't for Matta's recent track record in the tournament I would say him, so I give the edge to Meyer just because he has already won two...but I still don't know how likely that really is.

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One guy has won a national championship as an underdog, while the other one has repeatedly lost in the postseason as a favorite.

So yeah, I vote Meyer.

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I don't like the mix of Thad's team this year.  Too many swing men.  Not enough snipers.  He will go deep into the tourney, but I expect that the lack of outside shooting may come back to haunt us this year.  I hope I am wrong.

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I think a lot of people fail to realize how important Jon 3bler was to this team.

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Funny... I was thinking just that thing during the Florida game, which is the only game I've gotten to watch this year in California. I feel like we have a lot of talent and could put together a 30 win season and a nice tournament run, but the three-point shooting and senior leadership are lacking on this team. I will be shocked if we win it all.

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 The Thad Matta - Urban Meyer coaching combo has to the best in the Nation, hands down. 

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I'm going to say Thad.


BTW- Today is my birthday, I can't think of a better birthday gift for a Buckeye than what I got today.

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I will never put money on any one basketball team to win the NCAA tournament.  Just too many teams these days.  There are so many all-timer teams in college hoops' past that should have won it all and didn't for whatever reason.

In college football, however, the formula for Ohio State is pretty straight forward: win more games than everyone else and you're playing for the national title.  Period.  It will always be easier for Ohio State to win a football championship than a basketball championship - no matter who's coaching.

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This is an excellent point.