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Without Howard and Hall, what are your feelings on the Miami game?



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I think last weeks game might end up being a good scare game for us.  Although you usually never put Toledo Football and good football team in same sentence I think we actually played one of our best out of conference opponents.  I think we'll be sharper, more focused and intense unlike last Saturday.  To quote Woody; "There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you".  Hopefully next week we cleanse the "U".

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Option 5:

Depends on which Quarterback and Runningback they start. I posted this before but will throw it out once more. If we had an O-line that could get our runningback into linebacker depth then I say allow our runningbacks to deliver the punishment. As is, our runnigbacks are meeting their defensive linemen. Those are much bigger bodies to contend with and they are slowing our backs down allowing support to follow. Obviously we can't just plug better linemen in there to improve the line or else they would already be playing. We need a more elusive back with more burst and vision. Berry is that back. Even if Hall was eligible I still say go with Berry. Hall lacks top end speed and that long run threat. No one can match Halls vision though. I watched him last year and you saw it in a pass he caught in the Toledo game. If he is healthy enough to run the ball back from a kick return then he is healthy enough to start at tailback. I understand he received little practice reps last week but hopefully that is remedied this week. People are worried about his hamstring, well the kid is returning kicks and wants to lay, give him his shot. 8.1 ypc gives me optimism where last weeks performance gives me none.

At Qb, Booherman had more than his fair share amount of time to stretch plays, run for a touchdown or make other decisions. He was hurried on a few plays and he lost his composure. There is no doubt in my mind that B. Miller while young and more likely to turn the ball over more often then Booherman, would have had 4 more first downs with his elusiveness and at least one more touchdown with his legs. I keep thinking about the only game that we have seen him in action in. He look cool and composed. All of the miscues were due to someone elses negligence, not his own. He throws as well or better than Quarterback I have seen since Troy Smith, on the run. We are going to need that mobility this Saturday. What could it hurt to give him an honest start and see what happens. Worse case scenario we get down 14 due to takeaways, wipe the slate clean and get back those turnovers committed by Miller when J. Harris throws his, and get Bauserman to show us why he should be the starter. If Bauserman starts, we get down early and fast. We can't afford a slow start down there. If I am wrong feel free to check back with me and I will admit it with great humility and thankfulness. If I am right, well I'll be back here to chew Fickel's ass for not reading 11W and taking me seriously.

Our defense played well aside from 2 or 3 big plays. They better sure up their assignments and tackling because Miami has more than 2 big play people and more speed on average than Toledo. I still can't understand why we couldn't stop the same run all day long or those passes to the runningback or receivers out in the flat. there was no vertical passing game and they still almost beat us. Miami used this a lot last year to open the game with. I bet they do it again this year.  

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