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Do you like the idea of rotating captains?



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The idea of rotating captains reeks of Dick Rod at tsun!  I think it shows indecisiveness.  Coach needs to pick his captains and then back them up!  There will always be second guessing, but mostly from the fans.  This is WAR, and you don't change generals after each skirmish! 

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you can be a leader on the team without formally being a captain.  weekly captain rotation fosters another level of competition amongst players to be that weeks captain.

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I understand the argument, but just curious how many successful teams use the weekly captain rotation.  Do you know of any?  I do know that one of  the first changes Joke (as in Jalapeno) made at tsun was to go back to permanent captains.  I made the assumption that it had been an issue with the players, although heaven help us if we EVER try to emulate scUM!

“...indomitable in victory, insufferable in defeat.” Woody Hayes

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I think this is a one year, or even a 5 week thing we are doing because he didn't want to make the suspended players captains. Also, it does foster Fickell's favorite thing. Also it takes the focus off individuals and puts it onto the team, which is what we need to do this year.

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I will go with the 5 week thing.  Makes sense.  Besides, just because Dick Rod couldn't make it work doesn't mean that the Buckeyes can't.

“...indomitable in victory, insufferable in defeat.” Woody Hayes

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Agreed. I'm fine with starting that way if you elect them after your leaders emerge.

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I can go with that argument, however, I still believe Brewster deserves to be one from the onset. He has done nothing but rep TOSU since before he came here and he should be a permanant one. Kudos to him for taking it for the team as he has always shown!

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I like the fact that Fickell is being decisive. I don't want him to listen to everybody and try to please everybody, because you can't.  I think this is a very good "team-first" decision on his part, and I support it.

Seriously, I think the incoming rookies know who the team leaders are(Brewster, Boom, etc.).