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How will Pryor's pro career unfold?



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He's not quick enough to be a wide receiver, he doesn't accelerate too quickly. Could be an excellent tight end, but I see the Raiders, possibly the Seahawks, 49ers, or any other team with a need for a quarterback may take a shot at him.

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This is what I see happening. He stays at QB. Some team picks him up. They let him play in the preseason (if there is one), and then that's it. 

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He's not a better QB than Troy Smith. Troy Smith does not play QB in the NFL. He IS a better athlete than Troy Smith. Thus his only hope is non QB. He is not a better athlete than Vince Young. Vince Young is currently without a Job.

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Smith was set to take the Ravens starting job until he was hospitalized with tonsilitis? Then Flacco came in while he was ill, lit up training camp and has been the Ravens starter ever since. Smith showed more promise in San Francisco than Alex Smith ever did, the continuous QB carousel never let him cement himself.

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Dude I am NOT knocking Future Governor Troy Smith. I'm a Buckeye AND a Niners fan. No one wants him to succeed more than I do! but the fact is he's not starting now and will likely be without a job.

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Alright, just think that he was never given a fair shot to prove himself in the league.

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straight baller!  starts immediately for any team, smashes Montana's, Manning's, Brady's and Marino's records, then retires and un-retires enough to own Farve's his last year he gets caught taking "V" to enhance his on the field performances and is removed from the record books...........releases 3 albums and stars along side Shaq in Shazam II, III and IV while simultaneously brining balance to the force.....

In all seriousness do you think he can block Julius Peppers?  That's why I don't see him playing TE and I doubt he every plays a down as a QB.  I'm not sure I saw that much growth, but I'm not an expert by any means.  Tebow hasn't looked too bad as a starter and if he gets with a team with a great running game, maybe he has a chance?  If his 40 times aren't exaggerated and IF he can learn to run well timed routes maybe a WR?

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If he bulks up a bit more I think he could be a stellar Tight End, how often do Dallas Clark or Anthony Gonzalez have to block Peppers? He could add more weight to his frame, just look at Jamarcus (JaWalrus) Russell, coming in to camp last year weighing more than one of his starting tackles.

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If football doesn't work out will he be in the NBA D-League next summer?


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Come on, if Cam newton gets drafted into the NFL there is no way someone doesn't take him as a late pick to see what he's capable of at QB.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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This years draft is proof positive that TP will get a shot at the NFL at QB.