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What's The Most Bomb Aspect of Japanese Restaurants?



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No love for the shrimp?  I'll go with sake AND Sapporo - together, they ARE a bomb, after all.

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Figured the sweet & sour or the spicy probably incorporated some elements of shrimp in and of themselves. Also, I agree with Pam. Big sushi guy here.

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Right!?!?! There are some high quality sushi buffets in South Florida. Can't get enough!

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No love for the Yum Yum sauce?? What's with that Luke?

-The Aristocrats!

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Haha I've never been to Genji. I hear good things though.

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Go tomorrow. You can't today because they're closed on mondays. Get a reservation too. If you don't you'll wait 2 hours for a seat.

-The Aristocrats!

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Genji is terrible.  Essentially overpriced Asian (and I mean this, because it's not truly Japanese, like any Asian food in the US) takeout with the novelty of a hibachi chef in front of you.

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If any of you go to Vegas anytime soon I highly suggest going to "Sushi Fever."



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Where's the Sushi and Yakisoba?