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Where would you have ranked OSU in the final hoops poll? Why?



Bux Fan in Toledo's picture

They played poorly in a Sweet 16 game. After watching the rest of the tournament play out, tOSU was the best team. They just played a bad game at the wrong time.  

RBuck's picture

#1 of course...because I'm a homer.

Long live the southend.

Rooster Buckburn's picture

Rationalizing it - voting for my perceived best team over a tournament winner

Tim's picture

Butler shouldn't be #2 just because they were the runner-up in the championship game.  They played so poorly in that game and did not have a great regular season, so they should not be #2, in my opinion.  I'm fine with Connecticut being #1, but after that, I would probably put Kentucky, OSU, and Kansas.  Kentucky beat us (despite it being an uncharacteristically bad performance), so I'd give them #2.  Kansas beat no one in the tournament and didn't even play a close game against VCU, so their Elite 8 run doesn't bump them over OSU since OSU was ahead in the last regular season poll.

DFense's picture

Why yes, let's decide the #1 team s based on a vague blend of perceived strength, regular season body of work, and completely arbitrary speculation! What could go wrong?! 


Haven't we tried this before