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Best Hipster Hangout



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The Blue Danube was a really cool bar. Made my first trip to C-Bus for the Miami game last Sept. and remember (hazily) that it was real nice in there. The Library was another place I really liked too.

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i must be the biggest hipster in the world because larry's, hound dog's, and buckeye doughnuts were my top three hangout places in college

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GUILTY: we've all seen your wire rim glasses too.

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Don't forget his skinny jeans.

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Mine were the Agora, Mr. Brown's Descent, Varsity Subs (where Eddie's place is now).  And yes, I am that old.

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The hipsterist hipsters hung out at Cafe Bourbon St., but it's too cool for this list.

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Mustards, Crazy Mamas...hipsters.

Park Alley...frat boys

Papa Joes...drinkers


Grad students told everyone that Larry's was a gay bar, so undergrads wouldn't go in.



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I only got my masters degree at Ohio State, so I was only ever a graduate student there. I drank at Larry's, it was awesome, and yes, we did tell the undergrads it was a gay bar so that they would stay out. But I'm sure they weren't that stupid. I think they just liked the cheaper bars south of campus better (speaking of RIP).

Here's proof that I don't get back to Columbus nearly as often as I would like: I didn't know Larry's was gone. What happened? Campus Partners? 

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No just sold it...not sure is The Sloppy Donkey now (if that's still in business)

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What happened was the economy.   Larry's, Little Brother's, and Vic's were all victims and Columbus is now a worse place because of it.  What a shame.  Larry's had been open since before prohibition, now it's the fucking sloppy donkey.  jesus...