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Scariest upcoming men's b-ball game?



Jason Priestas's picture

I have this recurring nightmare where we win at Wisconsin and then at Purdue only to lose later at Penn State.

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For some reason I have a feeling something like this happens.  When the team is pumped up to play, they are the best team I've ever seen.  When they aren't as pumped up, they look very sloppy, but fortunately have the talent differential to win.

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I'm pulling for an unbeaten regular season and a loss in the first round of the Big 10 tourney.  Conference tournaments are pointless.  They'll still be the number 1 overall seed.  They'll get the loss out of the way for those who think they need it, and they'll have a couple of extra days to rest up. 

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If we can reach 37 wins, that would tie the record.

We have room for 3 losses to get there.  If we can go into the tournament with 1 loss, making the championship game would give us 38 and break the record.

Winning 40 games would be so beastly, but 38 would be incredible.  Just win the last 6.

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For some reason I'm not worried about @Purdue. Maybe it was the handy beating we gave them in C-bus. I know that is no gimmie game, but it doesn't concern me for some reason. Probably because @Wisky scares me so much and it is the clear and present danger. Once we get passed Madison, maybe I'll worry about West Lafayette.

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Nick's picture

I think if Sullinger and Lauderdale stay out of foul trouble we'll be fine against Wisconsin but Purdue worries me a bit. They are going to have January 25th on their minds.

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Bo Ryan is like a freakish 149-11 or something at the Khol Center during his tenure at Wisconsin. Its all opinion and feeling but that's got to scare you a bit..

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The next game is always the scariest in my opinion. But even otherwise, I think Wisky will be the toughest remaining game