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What do you value more?



Jason11's picture

How is it even possible that they are comparable...a Final 4 is much, much greater than a conference title.  People don't value basketball around here like they should.  Unreal.

SilverBullets's picture

Agreed.  Especially with the parity in college basketball today, a Final Four is a tremendous accomplishment.

Jason Priestas's picture

Oh, I agree. But I had to make it a FF, because if I put up a football B1G title vs a basketball B1G title, the results would be 9:1.

JakeBuckeye's picture

If a person doesn't like basketball as much as they like football that's their choice. Sports is for the fan's enjoyment. There is no "should" or "shouldn't" when talking about how much you value something in sports.

Powers's picture

This is still Ohio State. So it's football especially now that we have a conference title game.