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Who wins a hypothetical matchup between the 2010 and 2006 basketball teams?



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I'm loving this 2010 team but it's hard to compare a december 2010 to a March 2006 team. For now I'll take the 2006 team, but let's ask this question again in March/April shall we?

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This team has answered the bell on all occasions thus far; they play both sides ofcthe ball, and my only complaint is them starting slow in the second half each game. Sully vs Oden? Slight edgo to Sully, more polished on O, but he may have a challenge stopping Oden. Conley would school Craft at this point, but i'd take WB, Deebs, and Lighty over everyone else not named Ron Lewis from that bench.

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Sully gets blocked a lot for a big, so I think Oden might be able to neutralize him. Or at least hold him under 20.

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Class of 2010

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If we are talking full strength with Oden completely Healthy, 2006 takes it.  Kraft and Sully have been very good, but Connely was better and I think Oden's size and athleticism would make things very difficult for Sullinger.  Overall quality/depth this team may have the edge, but when Connelly and Oden were firing on all cylinders, not too many teams could come close.

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Normally, I have my "favorite" buckeye teams, football and BB, that I think are the best or better than others.  But, honestly, this is a close call.  In some ways this team is so much better than the 2006 squad due to the fact they seem to have an identity, even if points come from different guys every night. 

The 2006 team always felt like it was kinda thrown together and they sorta just played ball and eventually would take over (most of the time). 

This team feels more like a "team," if that makes sense, where it seems to have an identity on offense night in and out. 

having said that, the odds of this team winning 5 games in the tourney is low (as it is for every team, every year).  The 2006 team made the finals, so that is a better team for now.

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I think this team is marginally better because of the experience and offensive balance, but Oden's defense and Connely could win any game.