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Down 2 with 15 seconds to play, who are you drawing up a final play for? Why?



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I voted Lighty, but it would depend on the D we were facing and who had the hot hand.  The good news is, we have lots of options!

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Yeah, it's kind of a loaded question without knowing the opposing personnel. My heart says Buford because I think he's got the juice to come up big when we need him to but it's hard to overlook Sully. With him, it comes down to your faith that he'll bury two free throws because that's what it would lead to in this particular situation.

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We have a few really good free throw shooters on the team too which helps.  Just keep it out of Lauderdale's hands in crunch time. 

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Get it to Diebler and shoot for the win.

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Devin Barclay


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I saw something somewhere that said Lighty earned himself a spot alongside Turner/JJ for Buckeyes with 1000 pts, 300 ast and 500 boards, is that true?

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He has hit 1000 points and 300 assists in his career. Unless I'm missing something, came up short when counting his boards. If he keeps his current rate up though, he'll hit the 500 rebounds mark in another 5 games.

Lighty's career numbers of 28 December: 1180 points, 482 rebounds, and 300 assists. Depending on how the Big10 and March tourneys go, he's got an outside shot at hitting 1500 points in his career. But he'll probably have to up his PPG to have a realistic shot at that mark.

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Austin Freeman

Hoya Saxa!

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Other: Dennis Hopson

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Dennis the Buckeye Menace. Man, he was a lot of fun to watch.

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I voted Sullinger.  I wouldn't disagree if the choice were made to go to Lighty, but I feel like Sullinger has the best chance of scoring, and is smart enough to toss it back out to the perimeter if he knows he doesn't have the shot, rather than forcing it and turning it over.  Chris made a good point about the free throws, but I have faith in Sully to knock them down.  Although Diebler could put the game away with a 3, I don't trust our rebounding enough to get it back if he misses.  So for that reason I'd go with either Sully or Lighty, depending on the personnel and how each one has been doing on that particular day, their matchups, etc.