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Who is the better recruiter?



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But Jim Tressel is 1837913691692487646 times better a coach.

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Some of these really talented kids knew they were going to Ohio State from day 1 and it didn't take much effort to sway them. It is really difficult to compare the two. The football program has a much larger legacy than the Basketball team and in my opinion the "brand" of the football team is much easier to recruit for. Matta recruited a bunch of one and done kids and hurt the team a bit but at the same time it seemed to propel Ohio State into a legit Basketball school (without the supporting fan base).

As for comparing the coaches I think JB is more than insulting Thad (who is great) with his comment. I love me some Tresselball but Matta is the real deal and in my opinion he is just as good a coach.  Maybe he isn't the "CEO" that Tress is but he is a darn good coach.   Really it is all apples and oranges, just love them and appreciate them both while we have them.

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I tend to agree with you. Thad is much better recruiter than he is a coach, but he's not a terrible coach. I will say O'Brien was more advanced as an x's / o's guy but I also think that very "deficiency" (if you wanna call it that) helps Thad with recruiting because he touts his style of play as much as the program itself and kids want to play free without a ton of x's/o's limitations where every trip down the floor is a set play, which is more in line with how O'Brien generally operated. OB's rigid style of play (and personality, at times) made it hard to get some of the big prep stars to even consider Ohio State.

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I think Thad understands that the top prep players play ball in AAU leagues just as you mentioned -- without the x's and o's limitations.  That makes Matta's style a natural segue for many of the best players.

I think Thad is the best recruiter in college basketball.  OSU is not a top 10 basketball school and is probably closer to top 20.  Given OSU's low level of pre-Matta basketball school prestige, Thad's ability to consistently bring in top 5 classes is extremely impressive, and we are lucky to have him.

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Thad Matta is the Urban Meyer of basketball recruiting...without the god dreams...that we know of.

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Chris -- When do we get an update on Aleksandra Dobranic?

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LOL! Not sure I can help you on that, brother. Looks like Luke was the cyber stalker on that one!

If Anna Paquin, Stacy Keibler, Kristin Cavallari or Mila Kunis suit up for Jim Foster's crew, then I've got you covered.

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Have no fears, I promise to be on the beat (uh, not literally) all season.

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The least you can do is go snap some pictures, post em up here weekly with no explanation or connection to Women's team updates/stats/scores/news whatsoever.

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I agree that it's apples and oranges.  I go with JT, though, because he's getting these kids to commit for 3-4 years.  These studs that Thad pulls in know they can skate after a year or two (this is true even for the 'non-stud' prospects as well).  And yes, considering the 'brand' issue, I think Thad does an unbelievable job.