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If the season ended today, who gets your Heisman vote?



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B-b-b-b-b-ut, Eleven Warriors once declared, "The Denardening is real !"

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B-b-b-b-b-b-ut if we never changed our minds after new facts brought to light merrited re-evaluation, we'd be some garden variety of failed politician or cable news personality.

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Personally, I think Denard is an incredible talent. He's definitely the real deal in my eyes, but as we surmised all along, it was very possible he couldn't stay healthy with his size and the playbook opening him up to hits. I continue to be surprised at how well he throws, especially some deep balls that I've seen (though I have probably only seen half his games). Right on the money.

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You must not see the deep balls I've seen.  Denard passing looked good against terrible defenses.  Once he played anyone decent, he became the turnover machine we knew last year.  If he's got a guy wide open, he can get it close enough to him, but no Michigan fan should ever feel comfortable when he's lobbing it downfield.

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Yeah, I must not have. I agree he's found some wide open guys but I've seen him put a few on the money to Roundtree. Haha - you said "deep balls".

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I also think though that a defense can cause an offense (and qb) to struggle and a great defense can make an offense (and qb) to prosper.  Denard has looked bad at time bc their defense is awful making his job much more difficult.  I also think that TP looks great at times bc OSU's defense so often shuts other teams out making his job much easier.

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Denardian should play safety, where his team could really use him.  Tater Tot is more than able to lead a team and have insufferable turnovers.

And Cam Newton still in the lead? Really? That dude is up a creek without a paddle..and if he does have a paddle, it's one he bought for $180,000.

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I went with LaMichael James, but I'm surprised Luck isn't getting more love in this poll. I was 50/50 James/Luck...

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TP with more votes than Luck or Moore.......really?

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It's an Ohio State blog.  I haven't seen Luck play enough.  I voted for James by default.  I'd pick Cam Newton, but I like my Heisman Trophy winners to be able to keep their trophies for more than a couple years.