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You're in charge. Would you burn Sabino's redshirt?



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we may not deserve it, but there is still an outside chance at a BCS championship bid (albeit ludicrous). if he cleans up the special teams or defense, let him play.

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All of the facts need to be explained to him and if he doesn't want to do it, how could you make him?

1) a MNC is very, very unlikely.

2) could he help solidify special teams, an injury depleted LB corp and maybe help get to a BCS game? sure, if a lot of pieces fall into place outside of OSU's control.

But #2 is not guaranteed even if he does play. The coaching staff making him burn his redshirt at this point if he doesn't want to do it just seems irresponsible, anti-Tressel like and will leave a thin group of LB's even thinner in 2012.