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Would you trade one of Ohio State's gimme non-conference games for a game against a lower-tier BCS opponent, e.g. Kansas?



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Yes, and that's why I love playing Colorado next year.

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Boise State, please.

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Virginia Tech

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I believe we have a series scheduled with VT in 2014-2015.

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yeah, we do, but i'm pretty sure everything after 2012 is subject to change now that Nebraska is joining the party.  Doubt we'll give up our big OOC game, but it's possible.


We do have one big marquee game every year, but it'd be cool to get rid of a cupcake and play a "mid-level" BCS team, in addition to that big marquee game.  I think the VTech series counts as a big marquee game, rather than a lower-tier BCS opponent like the poll asks.  just my opinion though

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Next year we have @Miami and vs. Colorado, so you'll be getting your wish for at least one year.

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I don't believe that is correct. I believe only Big Ten conference matchups are subject to change after 2012. Our non-conference marquee games are locked down through 2019.

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If the Big Ten goes to a nine-game conference schedule in 2015, then there will be some reshuffling of the OOC schedule.  The big games will likely remain and schools will just chop off one of their MAC or FCS opponents instead.