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Which Big Ten coach besides Jim Tressel would you want coaching Ohio State?



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Fitz gets my vote.  He has done more with less than any of those coaches.

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I love what Fitzgerald has done with the Northwestern program. I imagine he would do well with the talent that the Buckeyes attract.

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Plus he is freaking crazy and I like that!

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Someone actually voted for Rich Rod???? Please tell me it was either a joke or a mistake.

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We do have Michigan fans that grace our presence on this site.


I voted for Dantonio cuz it would be a seemless trasition to continued excellence.

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I'm sure the Michigan fans would prefer it if Rich Rod were coaching us.

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Touché. Well played, sir.

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What about Lynch and Hope?! 

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Big 10 coach, not specifically a head coach? Vote under Other: Darrell Hazell

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I think, since Nebraska is being added, we should've had Bo Pellini on that list.  He'd get my vote.

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It was between Fitz and Dantonio for me.  Ended up going with Fitz because of what he's done with what he has.  I'd be happy with either though

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Same here, just ended with Dantonio