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Though the BTN is blowin' up now, there were mixed opinions preceding its birth. Where did you stand before start up?



Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I would be all for it if the product was any good. They need to reinvest that money and produce better quality.

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I was all for it as a Big Ten fan in a market that isn't my favorite team's market. I get to watch more Big Ten sports, I enjoy the baseball, soccer, track, etc. coverage and I get to see more Buckeye games on TV for football and basketball.

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I couldn't care less about the BTN shows between the games, they could go off the air and I wouldn't notice.  But, I'm all for another opportunity to watch tOSU football in FLA.  This is a godsend on the early weeks against the cupcakes.

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Maybe if the announcers weren't so terrible and they didn't play the same commercials over and over I would like it!  I hate it because Michigan and Notre Dame are always on NBC and ABC in Toledo.  Whole generations of kids are growing up not being able to watch the buckeyes because their parents can't afford cable!

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Love it. Had directv from the get go, so loved getting to see the early season cupcakes incl app st!! Anything that results in more rev for the bigten and in me seeing more buckeye football is a positive imo. Also, even nonfootball program can be a good time waster when ur waiting for something good to come on.

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