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If there were no Terrelle Pryor, who would you want at quarterback?



741's picture

Hahaha. I wonder how long this goose egg Denard is putting up will last.

J.Mo's picture

Taylor Martinez is a lot better than Denard. Martinez was snubbed from the poll.

flipbuckeye's picture

Ooh good call on T-Magic.  Still early but he's looking really good.

RBuck's picture

I'd take Mallet just to throw him in Dick Rod's face.

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Kurt's picture

This is a tricky question, bc it depends on what sort of offense you'd like to run... Mallet, clearly a drop-back passer in a pro-style offense, Locker, you could do a zone-read ala Florida with Tebow.  Of course, we could (or should?) be doing the latter with Terrelle...

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T. Martinez certainly looks like he could develop into a sensational D. Threat QB. Is it too soon to say Braxton Miller? If he had a team around him no telling how good he would look.

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Buckeye Ben in Tampa's picture

despite what type of system you want to run, i have to go with the best qb. i have watched all these guys play except for luck, and mallet was easily the best id seen.

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Who the hell voted for D.Rob?