Kansas' Andrew Wiggins is the First Pick of the 2014 NBA Draft

By DJ Byrnes on June 26, 2014 at 7:53p

With Joel Embiid facing a myriad of injury concerns and allegations Jabari Parker tanked his workout to avoid being drafted by Cleveland, the Cavaliers have kept it simple and taken Kansas' 6'8" play-making wing, Andrew Wiggins.

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Very happy with this pick ... finally a smart and safe move by the Cavs.

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Get ready for 107,000 words being written over whether he'd be a good teammate for Lebron. 

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I think you're underselling that.

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At the very minimum he is plus defender who  is excellent making plays in transition. If he puts on good weight and really fills out he could become an outstanding finisher in traffic. Really want to see how plays in the clutch next season, does he have that killer instinct to make him great. Love this pick!

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That's who I was hoping for. Well done, Cavs.

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Who I wanted! Also heard off in fantasy land that Love would accept an extension if traded for and we convinced Lebron to come back but that's just fantasy...

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The gate is down.

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Personally Lebron is not coming back, but if he does watch out for the cavs. 

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I was so sure they were going to draft Doug McDermott #1 or something. I'm so thrilled they decided to go with Wiggins. At best he's franchise player. At worst he's Kawhi Leonard from this year. I hate it when people say Jabari is more NBA ready than Wiggins...He might be more polished offensively but Wiggins is the most NBA ready defensive player in this draft....and he still only averaged a point or two less per game than Parker despite not being the complete focal point of his team's offense. He was technically more efficient offensively than Parker. 

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Let's hope the 4th Amigo can get it done.  Good luck, Cav fans.

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Good move. While I am not a huge Cavs fan, I think this was the smart decision. As for the Browns . . .

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