Download The Ohio State Football 2014 Schedule Poster for Printing and Desktop Wallpaper

By 11W Staff on August 28, 2014 at 2:38p
Download the official Ohio State Football 2014 schedule poster.

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Alhan's picture

That's going to look great on the wall in my office.

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What Would Troy Smith Do's picture

We, like I had anything to do with it, should consider putting Barrett in for Miller.

Looks great by the way.

teddyballgame's picture

damn, just realized that

Jason Priestas's picture

Urban wants the posters to honor senior scholarship players.

What Would Troy Smith Do's picture

Fair enough.  I hadn't actually looked that closely to notice that Spence, Bosa, etc... weren't on it.  Just Miller right out in front and thought it would be cool to put Barrett in.

fontanabuck's picture

I can finally replace that 2010 schedule that's still hanging in our office

Bamabucknut's picture

Thanks for the real wall paper. I was using a picture on my desktop.Now i have the real thing.



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My desktop background status: Badass. Thanks!

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My boss is a Penn State grad.  I love shoving my Buckeye pride in everyone's face.

They hate us cuz they aint us!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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You should set this as his desktop STAT.

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Time to abuse the office draft size prints color plotter. *smirking emoji*

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Man, that looks good on the wall in my office!

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Michael's picture

Any chance there is a 2560x1440 version?

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This site is the greatest.  That is all.

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And Buckeye Nation grows stronger.........

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THIS is what i was looking for! thanks! 

SkyHighBuckeye's picture

Anybody selling or have pictures they can post of any Ohio State Team Posters from the 1990s?