Kyle Berger Had Two Massive Screws in His Femur From an 8th-Grade Surgery

By 11W Staff on August 20, 2014 at 2:28p
Kyle Berger's Leg-Screws

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Freshman linebacker Kyle Berger was a top commit in Ohio State's 2014 class. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL (for the second time since 2013) two weeks ago.

Berger had surgery on August 19th, and the operation must have went swimmingly enough, as the doctor had time to take a bit of a detour:

Good golly, Kyle Berger's femur must be the size of a gorilla's.


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Ugh, I lost my Apple TV remote.............

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Those are currently en route to Birmingham for placement into Braxton Miller's shoulder.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Broken leg in 8th grade, torn ACL as a senior, another torn ACL as college frosh.    He must really love football or rehab.


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As a sophomore in high school I broke my wrist, junior tore my ACL, and as a senior I dislocated my shoulder (still gives me problems 7 years later)

Needless to say I love playing football but it did not love me. 

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Didn't play football (wrestled and ran CC/track), but broke collar bone, sprained ankles a few times, and sprained knee.  Am 41 now, constant issues with tendinitis in lower leg, and plantar fasciitis.  I had to choose between being fat or keep running.  I chose fat.

Dan Isaacs

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I sprained my ankle once. It hurt really bad too.

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I once stubbed my toe, most painful thing in life.

Still gives me problems 12 years later

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He can get thru airports a lot easier now

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Dang buddy-now I know why Lowes was Out of Stock on cabinet screws when I remodeled my kitchen

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I don't think my femur is even that big...

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damn. That is some intense stuff right there.

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Amazing. I know that they are not exposed to air inside the body, but not even a hint of rust!

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I think they are usually stainless or titanium as well. Rust would be bad news.

...and Michigan still sucks.

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Company makes some of the machinery required for this stuff...  You should see the vertebrae links, dental implants, and knee replacements.  Scariest I think I've seen is the tool used to clean out for a hip replacement.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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You would be hard-pressed to find someone who loves science and engineering more than I do, but these kinds of things always creep me out.  I guess I don't like thinking that we're so fragile and that we sometimes need to be held together with bolts and screws.

My hat's off to the surgeons who perform these operations and the engineers who design these implements and the workers who make them.

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It's hard for me to understand the notion that somebody could have screws in their body as they are playing football. Just doesn't sound right, but I have never had to sustain such an injury.

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Apple TV kicks ass!!!!

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A few times in wrestling, I was dealt a fair share of bloody noses.

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So, Berger has two screws loose?

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Titanium will never rust. Would be ideal to make exhaust systems for all cars, radiators, valve/springs and lifters, bearings. These are all made but just not at a reasonable price due to man hrs to prduce, mill, and precision mill.

It really is a awesome alloy, but very hard for common joe to use it for anything other than the manufacturer designed.

Helicopter blades and the fan blades and the fan rotor in jet engines are also made and milled from a solid piece of titanium and tested and tested and then dbl tested by metalurgist before being allowed to be used by Defense, Boeing. 

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Broke my femur in 7th grade playing basketball. That's a tough injury to recover from. Pretty impressed he's such an elite athlete after having that type of injury. 

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My son broke his tibia his jr season and had 6 screws and a plate implanted. It looks like a carpenter's workbench on an X-ray - no kidding !

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Unfortunately I just had a plate put into my arm. A mere few weeks ago. Doc showed me the xRay and holy smokes something doesn't look right. Looks like I have an alien attached to my bone.

Can't imagine how Berger's former screws didn't stick out the other end!

Nurse, I said drill not scalpel!

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Im fairly certain those screws should be holding up a gutter....not a femur lol

Spring football is like non-alcoholic beer.  It looks like what you want, but only intensifies your desire for the real thing--Earle

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