Urban Meyer is 25-12 Overall, 5-2 at Ohio State vs. the AP Top 25

By DJ Byrnes on August 20, 2014 at 12:00p
Urban Meyer at the 2013 Spring Game

The Wall Street Journal took the head coaches of the AP's Top 25 teams and charted their records against AP Top 25 teams. The results — flawed as they may be — will not surprise you.

Urban Meyer is a sterling 25-12 against AP Top 25 teams; he is 5-2 at Ohio State. (He is, however, 0-2 at Ohio State against AP Top 15 competition.)

That 2.08:1 W:L ratio puts him up with the likes of Stanford's David Shaw (14-4), Nick Saban (50-35 overall; 28-12 at Bama), Bob Stoops (50-23) and Les Miles (40-31 overall, 37-19 at LSU) as the country's benchmarks.

Unsurprisingly, Brady Hoke is 4-20 overall and 3-7 at Michigan against AP Top 25 teams. Penn State's James Franklin posted an 0-8 record at Vanderbilt. Mark Dantonio is 12-25 in his career and 10-18 at Michigan State. Old friend of the program, Bert Bielema, is 10-20 in his career and 0-6 at Arkansas.

Also, shout-out to three-time Big Ten Coach of the Year, Kirk Ferentz, for his 19-34 mark at Iowa. 

Here's the full table, again via The Wall Street Journal:

AP Top 25 coaches vs. AP Top 25 competition

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Buckeye Knight's picture

LOL @ Bert:  10-20  0-6

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Hilariously funny on so many different levels

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CC's picture

Other than the fact that they cost us a shot at a national championship when we were #1.

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For all his hype, I'm surprised to see Franklin was 0-8 at Vanderbilt. Muschamp isn't looking too good either at 4-11. 

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Anyone remember what Tress's mark was before he left?

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Franklin didn't have the greatest team at Vandy.. Did well with what he had. Gotta give him a chance at Penn St. 

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Bert. Good job at Arkansas 0-6.

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Love the bitch-slap comment on Ferentz at the end. Just made my day.

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Does this mean the opponent is in the top 25 when the game is played or are they still in the top 25 when the season ends?

Those jackwagons that do the polls get them wrong so often. Every year there's teams in the top 25 at the start of the season that have no business being there and soon fallout. [cough] [cough] Notre Dame, TSUN, half of the SEC

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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well one of the buckeyes top 25 wins was against Northwestern, who immediately dropped from the rankings. I guess you can say they were overrated too.

but I do agree with you.

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Not sure why you got downvoted? Perfectly legit question.  Should only count against teams based on their rank at the end of the season.  

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but OSU hasn't played anyone relevant since Urban was here. There is no way they played 7 ranked teams.

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Really gives you a picture of who is elite among coaches.

Those who stand out: 

The coaches with the most success have or are coaching in the SEC save Bob Stoops & to a lesser extent Frank Beemer. There is your answer to why the SEC is at the top.

The BIG Ten not so good outside of Urban. 

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Actually, a gives you a pretty inaccurate picture, because this reflects wins over teams ranked at the time the game was played, not ranked at the end of the season. And since the SEC always starts every season with 8 ranked teams, almost every win in the SEC looks like a good win. It perpetuates the theme that the SEC teams are better. SOME of the SEC teams are better, but they have their hierarchy, just like every other conference. 2-3 elite teams, 2-3 good teams, then a bunch of average to shitty teams.

But you're right about the B1G coaches, not a single one beyond Urban that's above .500.

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You bring up a good point, and one that a co worker brought up to me at the water cooler over the same topic. 

"There is nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

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Coach's Compensation via www.coacheshotseat.com...

1 Nick Saban - Alabama SEC $7,300,000

2 Charlie Strong - Texas Big 12 $5,000,000

3 Kevin Sumlin - Texas A&M SEC $5,000,000

4 Urban Meyer - Ohio State Big Ten $4,800,000

5 Bob Stoops - Oklahoma Big 12 $4,750,000

6 Les Miles - LSU SEC $4,500,000

7 Brady Hoke - Michigan Big Ten $4,300,000

8 Art Briles - Baylor Big 12 $4,250,000

9 Steve Sarkisian - USC Pac 12  $4,250,000

10 Kirk Ferentz - Iowa Big Ten $4,000,000


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Chris Petersen is 8-4. At Boise State! That's impressive. I'd love to see the Huskies take over the PAC12. Sarkisian brought in some good talent and left the program in good shape. If Petersen can recruit to UW, I'd put money on them to win their conference in 2 years--maybe 3.

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Kirk Ferentz: More B1G Coach of the Year Awards than wins over Ohio State.

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It costs less to pay Ferentz his annual salary than it does to buy him out.