Video: Ohio State's First Day at Ackerman Field

By 11W Staff on August 8, 2014 at 6:01p

The Ohio State football video crew sure has a way of making practice look incredible, no?

Highlights include a Taylor Decker vs. Noah Spence battle, Joshua Perry sticking Curtis Samuel and Rod Smith getting loose on a couple of long runs.


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There's our new hype video.  Great footage and music.


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One of those statements is correct

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Rod Smith (#7) broke off a few big runs. Can't wait to see what this stable of backs can do (Curtis Samuel especially)!


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I saw the exact same thing. Is that rod smith?! He looks like the truth!!

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Is that Rod Smith I see completely disgracing the defense?

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I had a big smile watching Smith take it to the house. Love that guy

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He's soooooo talented I just want him to finally take advantage of it

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you and me both. I love watching him get opportunities on Saturdays. Hope he gets a lot more in the coming months.

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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+1 go Rod! Nice runs

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That was fun!

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Love it. Receivers are catching passes!

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That got my blood pumping!!! Go Bucks!!!!

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If our new OL can hold its own vs that DL they are going to be fine. That's the beauty of having such talent up front.

Is it me or does everyone look hungrier. They are really going at it. Wow.

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Looked like Decker stood Spence straight up.

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ROD SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm pumped for EzE, but I've always been a Rod Smith fan, and I hope he starts and kills it!

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Just what I need, to get even more excited about Smith...time to make it happen

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Please Rod!! Keep it up!!!

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Thing I liked most was the route jumping. JT's defenses were great for allowing that little 4 yard pass except on 3rd down. On 3rd down a team needs 3 yards and tries to run that little 4 yard pass that works on first and 2nd then BOOM. One of our CB's or safeties jumps the route and takes it to the house. My favorite play in football is the pick 6 so maybe I'm a little bit biased.

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I think that was vonn bell

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WOW on many levels... I know these are edited, but:

Rod Smith - come on down big man, way to show you're hungry!

JT Barrett - throwing a few good ones in tight coverage

Corey Smith - making that clip ending grab for a TD

No one wants to be a back-up - this is what's going to make us truly great this season!

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Good for Rod! He deserves to play, stuck it out through thick and thin. I doubt he starts but he should get good minutes.

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As exciting as Eze was against PSU and throughout the year, and as promising as Curtis Samuel sounds, I'm really pulling for Rod Smith to finish his time at Ohio State on a high note and go out with a bang.

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Ol n dbs look way better then i expected. Rod Smith could finally break out. Corey smith def excited for him. Awesome seeing bell n webb i think 7 in white get picks

stark county football

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I want more!!!!

Next clip please!!!

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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These vids are like food. Good food.

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And A.1. sauce not needed because he tastes so good naturally.

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These vids are like food. Good food.

And I'm about to do the food dance!


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Season can't get here soon enough, holy hell. 

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I like the D working on cut block drills.

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I like the video. Expecting big things from the Bucks. The music is awful. Had to turn it off.

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In Rod Jones we trust!

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Who is Rod Jones?


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Ask Beth Mowins

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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Yeah, where is Beth?  She's a member here, now. 

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I just made her a Bloody Mary and then I kicked her to the curb.....

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Who is Rod Jones?

I think he's Cardale's big brother...

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Did Rod Smith put in a good day otherwise? I like seeing him break big runs. I would love to hear some praise from the staff. At the very least, I can take comfort the man is still fighting for reps. 

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I`ve been a HUGE Rod Smith fan since day one! Hopefully this year he gets it right!

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Anyone get a glimpse of EZE's socks at 21 seconds? Those things were hot.

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Von Bell check

Damon Webb check 

James Clark check

Corey Smith check


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That Damon Webb pick tho

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I sense a breakout year for a lot of these players this year.................and I say that Mark May will put his foot in his mouth quite a bit this year. I can't help but feel like the team and coaches are different this year than they have been in past off seasons. DOMINATION comes to mind.........

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I think we can have a great team this year. Special group of guys.

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Damn, that's sexy...

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Nice video!


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That one handed touchdown but Greene is exactly what he brings to the table for us. Up and over the db and wasn't anything he could do. If rod can keep running that way, I'd say him and Eze will slip carries and both have great stats because they will be fresh the whole season. That would mean less brax running more passing yards and batty with a heisman on top lol.

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I had to look up Rod Jones' number on the roster... He's doin' Beth Mowins proud out there. 

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I really am hoping Rod Smith goes off on his senior season.  I know he has the tools, I just hope he explodes.   

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I really liked seeing the secondary sticking tight to the receivers and stepping into the lane to gets some interceptions. Also what a running display I'm truly excited to see Smith, EzE, and Samuel this year because I truly believe we will see all of them in rotation keeping fresh legs in the game. I know this is just camp but I truly feel more confident after seeing this video.

Late edit: And I truly said truly way too many freaking times and didnt realize! Note to self dont watch a movie and try to comment at the same time

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The blocking on the second level on Rod's first run has me pumped!

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I can't stop watching this video.

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It is about time Rod Smith gets serious about the game!!! Hopefully he has an Awesome year!!!


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Unleash the Rod Smith.

God bless it...three f'n weeks.

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Anyone else notice Braxton taking practice snaps as if he were under? Could we see a shift to what Chip Kelly does in Philly?

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Now that's a hype video!.

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Did you see the size difference between Decker and Spence...

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I checked the roster twice then again to be absolutely certain that #7 is in fact ROD SMITH.

Go Buckeyes Beat Michigan

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I know it was only a small sample, but the one on one drills with OL and DL shows some promise for what many believe will be the biggest hurdle for this team.  The DL got some push on them, but for the most part, what was shown was the OL handling themselves just fine.

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I honestly believe Rod Smith is talented enough to start for any team in the land, he deserves it, he stuck with it and I think he will make an NFL roster easily and be a very good contributor in the league.




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