Video: Ohio State Football Training Camp, 8/5/14

By 11W Staff on August 6, 2014 at 11:12a

Ohio State's freshmen and upperclassmen practiced together for the first time Tuesday, and the Ohio State football video team was at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center to document the affair.

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My nipples are hard.

Thank the Maker that I was born in Ohio, cradle of coaches, US Presidents, confederate-stomping Generals, and home of The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes- 2014 UNDISPUTED National Champions!

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This is a better hype video than any of the other hype videos posted.

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BuckeyeGrownFloridaLiving's picture

I had the same exact thought watching this. Man I'm pumped now (minus the backup QBs who both threw INTs in a 2 minute video).

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I look at the INTs as a good sign for the D.  But can see the other side to that coin too.

Pain don't hurt-Dalton

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Did my eyes deceive me or did I see defensive players actually hold on to INTs?

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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MikeEagleBuckeye's picture

That pick by Conley was especially dirty.

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Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

Not really.  Cardale just sat and stared at the WR, who ran a curl.  No WR movement and no QB look away = DB standing in same position with the ball thrown behind the WR, right to the DB.  It's great that the DB made the play, but that was more an offensive mistake than a great play by the DB.  

edit:  nevermind, now I see it!!  Great pick.

Read my entire screen name....

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C'mon man. Refer to your own screen name! Lol

"If you take no risks, you will suffer no defeats, But if you take no risks, you will earn no victories."

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read my entire screen name.....

Read my entire screen name....

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Now it all makes sense...

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Now none of it makes sense...

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dirty doesn't even begin to describe was an absolutely gorgeous defensive play on a pretty decent ball by JT Barrett....had the safety beat but the Gareon made one hell of a play

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That got me more hyped than any of the hype videos that I've ever seen.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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BuckeyeGrownFloridaLiving's picture

Gareon Conley is healthy and ready to go! I always love watching WRs converted to CB and seeing them dominate.

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Man, here's to hoping Braxton stays healthy...


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I think that's the key to our entire season. We HAVE to keep him healthy.

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Zeke's socks at 0:40 are a thing of beauty

Lobs it to the endzone... Touchdown Devin Smith!!

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fuuuucckkkkk...I want FOOTBALL

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my ears eyes are burning!

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Who got burnt by D Smith? And dontre looks fassssttt

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It looked like Armani Reeves.

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Reeves was burnt. 

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I have deja was Reeves.

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so Cardale got picked a bunch… this bodes well. 

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Can't wait to see this "new" offense. I think it'll be a lot different than last year! I'm feeling over 3000 yards passing comin up! Bring the juice!!!

"If you take no risks, you will suffer no defeats, But if you take no risks, you will earn no victories."

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Jalin on Punt return!  DB's playing press! 

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So Marshon got the pick off Cardale and Gareon picked off Barrett, right?

And Red #2 was Dontre streaking down the right sideline?

Also, Jalin with the nice catch and turn. 

What a catch by Devin Smith. This has me excited. 

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If you happen to see an idiot doing quick calls in d'town cbus...that's me.

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We look extremely fast and athletic!! Awesome!!


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The '1's' passing offense looked special.

How Firm Thy Friendship

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Erick Smith looks like Roby at 1:44.

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Is it greedy of me to want to see another training days ? That special got me so pumped up !

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BTN should do one, would be the highest rated show they have.

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I think this is the year we've been waiting for.  We may have lost some guys on the O-Line but I think they will just reload.  D-Line should be monstrous, offense should be much more diverse.  Can't wait to See Dontre, Zeke, and Jalin do some big things in the offense this year.  Curtis Samuel is already big, strong and fast enough to play D-1 and if he learns the playbook watch out.  I have a feeling defense is going to surprise us especially the D-backfield and if Braxton can step up in the passing game we got a good shot to be No. 1 team in the land.




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My company blocks videos from Eleven Warriors on their servers. Every day, new videos and gifs come on the site, and I have to wait to get home to watch/see them. Everyone is so excited, and I am sitting here getting giddy with excitement, and I am just staring at a blank screen, trying to will it to work... When I do watch it, I am so far behind the times that everyone is on the next best thing... I just need the games to starts now.

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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buckeye4life050233's picture

Watch it on your phone dubjay

dubjayfootball90's picture

My phone plan with my family has limited data, and I do not like using up data in case my family needs it. Think I will have to just bite the bullet. My family will understand... Its Buckeye Football, baby!!!

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Thanks for the link - A lot of videos are blocked for me but I get youtube now.

dubjayfootball90's picture

I do not get youtube on my work servers either.

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Im not sure if they block the youtube feed, but here it is.


Keep the change, ya filthy animal!

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From the video Jalin is getting a fair look. Imma watch it again!

I season my simple food with hunger

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Yes he is, I think I remember Urban mentioning him by name when talking about some of the young offensive weapons

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that interception by conley made the video for me. the effort to go after the ball is all i can ask for.

and....he made the catch. turnovers like that are game changers.

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ok, shit just got real. talented. 


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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Oh man - that catch & run by Dontre looked good. He was just flying!

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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I can't stop smiling 

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Our defensive backfield is going to be a different animal this season

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of booze

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When Lattimore intercepts the pass guarding Brown beautifully. That is literally my two favorite recruits from this class going against each other. It was nice to see.

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I really like Coach Johnson's bearing around the players. Proud he's a Buckeye.

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Patience!  Only 24 more days!

Love thy neighbor as yourself-Jesus

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The positive energy!

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That out route to Dontre was beautiful

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Chris Carter looks like an absolute TANK out there movin around! Geez! 

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I think we all needed this.

Let's party, Columbus.

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Nice to see 11W's training camp access credentials have significantly grown since I started coming around back in 2010...

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Good God I'm about to cry tears of Joy over here!!!

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

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This is day 2. Something tells me we will be ready to play in 3 weeks. 

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Couldn't really tell how much Dontre put on, but man he's fast. 

"Because I couldn't go for three!"