Jim Tressel a Finalist for Youngstown State President

By Kyle Rowland on April 29, 2014 at 10:36a

Jim Tressel is one step closer to being a college president.

Cleveland.com reported that the former Ohio State head coach is one of three finalists for the Youngstown State job. Tressel is already a finalist for Akron's chief executive post. 

Tressel, the vice president of strategic engagement at Akron, will meet with UA campus leaders on May 1. He'll spend the day at YSU, where he spent 15 years as head coach and won four national championship, May 5. 

Tressel remains a beloved figure throughout the state of Ohio, despite a scandal that led to his demise at Ohio State. 


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Either school would be lucky to have him.

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All this time I thought Tress wanted to get back into coaching but it is obvious that he would like a high-ranking admin job. I wonder if he would have ever been president (probably a stretch) or AD (could definitely have seen this happening) at OSU had Tatgate never happened.


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A friend of mine lives in Kentucky and she said BASSDROPPER told her Tress "may" run for President of these United States! Tress in 2016! U-S-A U-S-A

"I will pound you and pound you until you quit." - Woody Hayes

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After the Senator was thrown under the bus by the Gene Machine, I am sure he'd rather work in a safer climate and prevent it happening to another worthy coach in the future.  I wish him luck.

Go Bucks!

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No one threw Tress under the bus except maybe himself when he lied to the NCAA.

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As appealing as it is to many Ohioans, it's highly unlikely the faculty at YSU would allow a non-academic 'celebrity' to take the reins of their institution.  Tressel would no doubt raise some money for YSU, possibly even influence favorable legislation, but he's unqualified to be its president and won't get the job.

Scottsdale Buckeye

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but he's unqualified to be its president and won't get the job.

Well aren't you the negative Nancy? 

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I don't disagree that the faculty will try to throw a wrench in the deal at either school, cause that's how academics roll. The parting shot, however, that he's unqualified, is not demonstrably true. Today's university president does not need to be some erudite scholar who labored in the trenches of academia before rising through the ranks of dean, provost, etc., in a series of jobs that have increasingly little to do with their original academic field of study.

President Gee was a law professor, Holbrook was a cell biologist and Brit Kirwan was a mathematician. Precisely what about having a Ph.D. in their respective fields made them more or less qualified to be CEO of a university?

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I love the man to death.. I hope he can find a do whatever makes him and his family happy...

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Natural progression from Senator to President.

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I've worked at two different universities the last couple years.  Tress would be huge improvement over one of them.  I believe Tress has all the skills and experience that would make him an excellent President.  I say he gets the job at YSU.




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Youngstown State could use a boon to help swing more money into the University. There is a LOT of potential to change that university into a destination instead of "You Screwed Up" if you go there from the Mahoning Valley. And if they invest.. brighten the community.. change more of the culture of downtown and the surrounding communities.. maybe most people my age (27) and younger would have more of a reason to stay then flee. 

How firm thy friendship..

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Tressel's largest responsibility prior to getting to Akron was general oversite of the OSU football program which had revenues of around $50 million. There were about 25 employees, and he reported essentially Gene Smith and Gee who had overall budget and control responsibility for the entire athletic program.

At Akron he would be responsible for a budget of over $380 Million or 7 times larger than the OSU football program. he would have ultimate responsibility for all staff at the University which would be over 5400 full and part time people

he would be responsible for overall academic oversite and direction as well as fundraising, community out reach etc, and research and grant submissions and requests

to me, he would be good at 1 point ie fund raising and community out reach, but otherwise has no background on the job or scope of the position