Football Recruiting Mailbag: Evaluating the Situation at Quarterback, Tight End and Elsewhere

By Jeremy Birmingham on May 27, 2014 at 4:00p

Good afternoon folks, it's recruiting mailbag time. There's a lot of handwringing and confusion because of Ohio State's 2015 recruiting but we'll do our best to dispel a few myths and hopefully shed some light on important questions.

No time for pleasantries, let's dive in.

What is your take on our QB recruitment, has there been some clarity this past week? - BuckGuyFan1

Hey, what do you know? Quarterback Joe Burrow committed to Ohio State just minutes before this piece was set to run. Ignore everything that follows. All is well with the world!

Well, you’re not wasting time, are you? Let’s get right to it. I was told prior to the start of last week that Ohio State would like to offer another quarterback within “a few days” and that last Monday was a potential “decision day.” Clearly, something happened to change some minds because the Buckeyes did not offer Travis Waller, and the Buckeyes did not offer Sheriron Jones, or Joe Burrow, or Tommy Stevens, the four players we’ve heard the most about. Sources have told me that of those four, Waller and Burrow are the most likely to earn an offer at this point. 

Burrow is planning to camp at Ohio State in early June, but I was told directly that he doesn’t have to camp in order to earn his offer, because the Buckeyes have seen enough of him and like his game enough. Waller is saying all the right things, but he needs to solidify plans for a June visit to Columbus before I’m going to believe he’s a true option. His situation becomes even murkier this week if by some chance Kyler Murray picks Texas A&M (tomorrow) over the surging favorite Oregon, because if the Ducks miss on Murray it’s almost a certainty Waller becomes their next option. If Oregon offers Waller, I’d expect him to head to Eugene, despite contentions that Ohio State is a current favorite. The Ducks have been his favorite for a while.

Torrance Gibson got into trouble this week and was dealt a suspension from his spring game. Is TG showing some warning signs of character problems or does this just seem like an isolated incident? Will this have any affect on our recruitment of him? I know you don't like to speculate on things like this because you're a pro, but his suspension made some waves and I'm just wondering if he's still our guy. Thanks. - AngryWoody

I’ll try and answer this as diplomatically as possible, and in pieces. First, yes, Gibson is absolutely still “the guy” for Ohio State despite his recent issues, but they are certainly paying a bit more attention to things. He’s young, extremely confident and exceptionally talented, but with that much power - as my uncle Ben Parker told me - comes great responsibility. Gibson needs to focus on his development on the field and off the field and some of that is maturing as a person. He’s lived a tough life and he hears day in and day out how he’s “not this” or “not that” or that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and unfortunately he’s getting a little chip on his shoulder. It’s hard to hear every day how great you are and not believe it. It’s hard to be told by everyone that you’re the answer to every question and not get indignant when you’re questioned yourself.

Torrance Gibson is a really good kid, and he’s working through some challenging times and a lot of that is our fault. He can’t open Twitter, he can’t read a single website without hearing about him and while it’s the unfortunate nature of the beast, there’s always going to be side-effects and unintended consequences. He’s got a solid support system around him however, and from my recent talks with him it’s easy to predict that he’ll bounce back from this stuff a better person and a better player.

With Hale Hentges committing to Alabama, what are the Buckeye's options for the Tight End position? - Danify 

You've Got Mail

This is becoming a bit of a nightmare for Ohio State, isn’t it? A month ago the Buckeyes were in great shape to land Chris Clark or Hale Hentges (or both) and because of that they went away from C.J. Conrad, who has since committed to Kentucky. Hentges committed yesterday to Alabama, and it seems Clark is leaning towards Michigan. Where do the Buckeyes go from here is anyone’s guess, but I am sure they’ll work even harder to bring Clark back around, knowing that he’s been their top-target for months.

If Clark ends up elsewhere, and even before then, don't be surprised to see Ohio State ramp up their recruitment of Jackson Harris and Miles Boykin, although Boykin said recently that Urban Meyer was more interested in him as a wide receiver. New Jersey’s Jake Pickard is an interesting possibility as well - and a talented player - but it’s clear that this position is not being filled as well as the Buckeyes would have liked it to be.

Urban Meyer said that the staff whiffed on a few recruits in the last couple of recruiting cycles. Do you think that's factoring in to why tOSU only has 1.5 commitments thus far? - DamonBuckeye

I don’t think any previous misses are impacting Ohio State’s 2015 recruiting class. I think, and I realize it doesn’t make anyone feel “better,” that the Buckeyes are just going after a different type of kid this year and for whatever reason most of them are not buying what they’re selling - yet. Why? If I knew that answer, I’d tell you.

Did two tough losses at the end of last season combined with more SEC dominance instill doubt that Ohio State can “compete?” Maybe, and I am sure that’s a common theme recruits are told when bringing up the Buckeyes. Scares about Urban Meyer’s health and longevity? Same thing, I am sure. Maybe the Buckeyes just aren’t using pretty enough hostesses on visits? Maybe kids who are being coddled by media outlets, social media gurus and handlers just aren’t “feeling the love” from a coaching staff that is more about intensity than warm fuzzy feelings? If I knew the answer, I’d tell you. Ohio State is still Ohio State, Urban Meyer is still Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes will still end up with one of the nation’s top recruiting classes.

When do you think it's time to grab a couple of local recruits who want to be Buckeyes before they commit somewhere else? I read Fickell visited Nick Conner last week. Do you suppose they gave him a timeline? - AllinOSU

Maybe this will be an unpopular answer, but my job is to answer the questions, right?

Never. The answer is never. It’s never time to offer a kid just because he wants to come to Ohio State and is a local player. If the Ohio State coaching staff doesn’t feel a player is going to win them national championships, they will not offer them, and they should not offer them. Do I agree with every recruit they offer? Nope, I don’t, but they are making offers to kids who they think will win them the most football games. That is how they make their money and how they will keep their jobs and it’s easy to live in hindsight.

Are our past two recruiting classes with the depth they have provided negatively affecting this recruiting class? Are recruits looking at the depth chart and seeing it might not be until their junior year before they could play? I know kids are still committing to ‘Bama but ‘Bama is a proven winner and so far we are not. Does a birth in the playoff change that perception or do we have to win it all? - KGratz

It’s funny how often recent history is all that matters, but in recruiting it absolutely is. I’m not suggesting at all that Ohio State’s tradition and history doesn’t matter, but time sure flies. Think about it, it’s been 12 years since the Buckeyes won a national title, meaning that most players being recruited now were no more than 4-5 years old when it happened. That perception is - at least in my opinion - far more relevant than depth charts in most cases. Winners like to play with winners, and 'Bama is a great example of that. Kids are not being scared off, nor should they. Competition is good for the soul, and guys like Saban and Meyer build thriving programs off that ideal.

The fact that the SEC - and “southern football” in general - keep winning national championships, continue to be lauded as “real football” on ESPN and throughout publications everywhere, that’s what is slowing down Ohio State and the rest of the Big Ten in general. Until the football program changes that perception by taking back the crystal ball, the Buckeyes are going to have to sell people on the idea that “we need you to stem the Tide,” literally.

Is it just me or are a lot of the recruits today playing the coaches all over the country for their moment in the limelight?  Top five lists, top fifteen lists, important announcement in two hours. I'm now looking for the kids who want to play and go to school at The Ohio State University, coaching will make the difference over talent and fat heads. - BuckeyeRadar

It’s a terrible, terrible reality, isn’t it? But yes, this is the world we live in and it’s certainly not going to slow down. Ohio State has extended a scholarship offer to an eighth grader for Pete’s sake. Players are guilty of hyping themselves up, coaches are guilty of hyping up players, websites are guilty of hyping up players and coaches. It’s an endless circle of self-adulation. There are few players these days who don’t want the attention, and the attention is good for the recruiting classes in general, isn’t it? The more the players hype things, the more other players take notice. Get used to it, I guess. That’s the new age of recruiting.

We keep hearing that we might potentially get commitments from Sh’Mar Kilby-Lane, Van Jefferson, Dre’Mont Jones, etc. What's up with these guys and why haven't any of them committed yet? - AB1993

This is kind of the question of all questions, honestly, although as much as I believe Ohio State is in good shape for Jefferson I don’t think he’s quite as much of a “lock” as the others. There are a number of players inside of Ohio (Jones, Jerome Baker, Elijah Taylor namely) that could swing the momentum of the recruiting class quickly if they’d commit to Ohio State, but for whatever reason they’re just not ready to make their intentions known.

Dre’Mont Jones could literally be any day, but that’s been the case since well before the Spring Game in April. What about Liam McCullough? The long-snapper says he’s still in regular contact with Ohio State but even he is holding back for the time being.

Kilby-Lane is definitely a player to feel confident about, and Jefferson has always liked Ohio State, but I’m worried about LSU or Georgia as a real threat to the Buckeyes’ chances.

Bottom line: there’s really no explanation for why these guys haven’t made their decision yet other than the fact that it’s their decision and they’ll make it when they want to. I’d be stunned if Jones, Baker and Kilby-Lane didn’t end up in Columbus.

You have Justin Hilliard "Crystal Balled" to Buckeyes here,  but in your article about "Predicting the Defensive Side of the Ball", you left him out. What gives?!  What are you feeling today with the latest news of him moving up his timeline along with the visits and full-court press the staff has given him? - KBonay

I think Ohio State has “started from the bottom” and they’re almost “here” when it comes to Hilliard, but there’s still some major challenges to landing the St. Xavier star. There’s some rumors that the household is divided on their preferences for his matriculation, but I do believe that Justin would rather go to Ohio State or Alabama than Notre Dame, Michigan, or Iowa.

Of course, that means squat.

Hilliard, the nation’s top outside linebacker prospect, is going to have to make a decision that’s best for him and his family and while the Buckeyes are making a serious push (aided by a budding relationship with freshman Raekwon McMillan) there is work to be done. This is another area where the delay by in-state players like Baker, Taylor and Jones is hurting the Buckeyes, because they’d have a chance to really develop their rapport with Hilliard as future Buckeyes. Right now, I think Ohio State’s chances are better than they’ve been, and I think they’ll continue to move up his families list as they forge their own relationships with Urban Meyer and company.


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Citrus's picture

Is Gibson being pursued as a QB or athlete? 

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teddyballgame's picture

Speaking of Gibson...

Torrance Gibson notified 247Sports Tuesday afternoon to adjust his profile from 'warmer' to 'warm' in regards to the Buckeyes and move Auburn from 'warm' to 'warmer.' 


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Ahh Saturday's picture

If this guy wants to be a Buckeye QB, the opportunity is here before him, come make a visit, let the staff know you're serious, put us at least third on your favorite list, but dick around until June and yep, the staff went and got us a QB. Come and compete, or make a top 6 list. The choice is in his hands.

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jamesrbrown322's picture

From what I understand, $$$ is a big factor in Gibson being able to come to Columbus. I wonder if another QB committing ahead of him has pushed him a little closer to the edge. As little faith as many have in Collier, Jones, and Barrett, they're still better than Tennessee's QBs (where Gibson would play from day one), and Auburn's backups. So, honestly, he may like not having that much competition for the spot.

To be honest, now that the Bucks have a QB, I'm more concerned about other prospects such as Burrell, Hilliard, Baker, Harris, etc. If Gibson makes it up to Columbus, great. If he commits, even better. However, I am not sweating it. OSU has some decent triggermen on the roster to run their offense, particularly with the depth at other positions. Meyer made guys like Alex Smith and Josh Harris into studs in college, so OSU will be just fine without Gibson.

If Gibson wants to win titles, he'll come to OSU. If he wants to play from day one, and never win more than 8 games, he'll go to Tennessee. It's pretty simple IMO.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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jamesrbrown322's picture


"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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osu07asu10's picture

Thanks Birm, great work.

In regards to Burrow committing. Do you think the staff has been upfront with Gibson with their plans to take 2 QBs? To add on to that question, does Burrow committing have any impact on the Gibson recruitment, and finally, does Burrow's commitment mean it is Gibson or bust as far as 2 QBs in 2015?

It seems to me that Burrow's commitment leaves the Buckeyes in pretty good shape at QB. They can slow down or stop recruitment of other "top" QBs and focus solely on Gibson. If they miss on Gibson, they've already secured a solid (if not underrated) prospect in Burrow and can turn then to 2016 for the QB position.

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The 0 is silent.

buckguyfan1's picture

I can see clearly now... thanks Birm.

allinosu's picture

Birm, I didn't come across right when I said get a few local kids. There are some local kids that seemed to be our back up plan. I was wondering if we are in danger of losing some of the better ones if we don't act since until tonight we have been in a bit of a slump.

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Killer nuts's picture

I appreciate that you left your original answer to the first question in for us to read when you obviously could've changed it to make yourself sound like a genius

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MacG91's picture

I had no idea that Birm was Spider-Man. 


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SaltyD0gg's picture

I'm still just baffled by how slowly this class has started off. I'm not sure I'd call this recruiting with their hair on fire, but what do I know.

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buckeyeradar's picture

Thanks Birm, you're on top of it as always.  With Jamal Marcus DE transferring and the success of the defensive line do you expect anyone leaving early for the draft?  How many defensive linemen do we take now?

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Bamabucknut's picture

When you haven't even won your how many years or a bowl game in many years ? It suggests to me the "bloom is off the rose".

When you red shirt the high number of freshmen we did last year....and you are recruiting the crem de crem...who want to play as a do you expect recruits to say  "yeah..I want some of that".

skid21's picture

The fact that so many men are so concerned with the day to day whims of high school kids, many seeking attention, has seriously made me reconsider following recruiting. This can't be a good thing for a recruit or for the fan.

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BroJim's picture

It's just the off season, dont read too much in to it.

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Jeremypreemo81's picture

As always awesome job Birm!!!

BUCKSOMIES's picture

Thanks Birm.  Great stuff as always.

Poison nuts's picture

Stellar answers Birm...stellar.

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aerobuck's picture

re: Radar's comment about talent... I hope you are content with a bunch of 8-4 and 7-5 seasons, because that's what you are asking for.

johnblairgobucks's picture

Not in all cases.   Can you garuntee the 5*'s , we would all love to have fill the 85 man roster, come in motivated and 100% focused on maximizing their potential?  Are the 5*'s going to be great teammates, leaders, role models and able to pick themselves up after facing adversity?  Scouting service ratings are some guys judgement on potential, but no way we can garuntee the future of any young man 4 years down the road, when they are not even ready to start classes in their senior year in high school.  These guys have tons of growing to do.  

I'm pretty sure there were more 2 and 3 * players on the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl winning team, than there were former 4 and 5 * recruits..... FWIW.

True we need potential, but we need the recruit that wants to turn that potential into kinetic while in Columbus, as well, wherever they come from.

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tdible2132's picture

Birm, there's some chatter that the Burrow commit has a negative impact on Torrance Gibson. Apparently Gibson went as far as calling 247 to have them lower his interest for OSU? He's also visiting Auburn and TEN again with a set date this summer, but no date for OSU over the summer? Just wondering if you're still feeling good about him even visiting this summer let alone committing to OSU at some point.

703Buckeye's picture

If that is true, my opinion of Gibson will fall. I remember reading before that Gibson said he is not scared of competition, so why is he all of the sudden reacting to the commtment of a 3* recruit? I'm sure being under the spotlight is not an easy thing but I hope Gibson gets everything sorted out soon.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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skid21's picture

I think we all can agree if Gibson is lowering us in his interest list then we should be lowering him in ours.

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Nick_Satan's picture

The fact that the SEC - and “southern football” in general - keep winning national championships, continue to be lauded as “real football” on ESPN and throughout publications everywhere, that’s what is slowing down Ohio State and the rest of the Big Ten in general. Until the football program changes that perception by taking back the crystal ball, the Buckeyes are going to have to sell people on the idea that “we need you to stem the Tide,” literally.

I have been trying to tell people this for a long time. I think some of this comes down also to like some have stated above its been so long since we have won a National Championship. The rest of the country looks at us as a laughing stock. I know its hard to take but its the reality of the situation. Ohio State doesn't  put off the "swag" or what ever term the kids are using now a days. Teams are not scared to play us like they used to be because they have seen that we have fallen short  on the big stage. Anytime I tried to make this point last season I would just get people screaming but were 24-0!!!!!!!! go suck it. well yeah but look at our bigger games the last 5-6 years. I can still remember there was a 2-3 year period ,where even Tressel was having big trouble in all the Big Games the 2 MNC games USC games Penn State the one year. and when we would lose the media would blow.So for recruiting Not only do you have to change the kids mind set on ohio state. you almost have to get his friends on board. say what you want but you know you don't want your friends saying why are you playing for that weak laughable team. when you could play for (insert home/ Close or trendy team here) Its all about perception thats why I welcome what Penn State is doing and hope they start kicking ass and hope Nebraska comes around that is what is going to set us over the top and make the kids come back and say I want to play there. They kick quality teams ass everytime they play them.    Sorry for the rant  Just love my buckeyes and im passionate 

-1 HS
johnblairgobucks's picture

Truth to it, the Buckeyes haven' t won their Conference or beaten a top 5 team since a lot of these kids have been in high school.  OSU stalled mightily at the end of 2013, and we are seeing some effects of it.  The 2014 Buckeyes have a chance to do great things, and if the do, momentum will swing as December turns to Jan. then to NLOI Day in Feb.  If we fail, then maybe we will be what they thought we were....... No?

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Jugdish's picture

This makes me wonder how state pen is doing it without winning or the chance of a bowl. The Bucks won 24 straight, great facilities, the cream of the crop coaches, and the best damn fans in the land. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that tradition?

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rjsmitty's picture

Brandon Wimbush, Sterling Jenkins and Steven Gonzalez to name a few. You asked.

"I don't wanna coach average! To hell with that!"  -UFM

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ramiy63's picture

I'm sure this will be unpopular and I'll be banned from Buckeye Nation, but this little piece is exactly why I find myself drifting away bit by bit from Ohio State football. Very happy to see an Ohio kid signed as a QB, but I don't care about the importance of national recruiting in this day and age. Offer the best kids in Ohio. At least the top 10-15 or so. Then go elsewhere to fill your remaining needs. If I wanted to root for Florida kids I'd be a Florida or FSU fan. If I wanted to cheer for kids from the south I'd follow one of the mighty SEC teams. Oh well, the good thing for everyone else is that OSU doesn't care what I think.  

+15 HS
moopdawg's picture

You may hold an unpopular belief, but I'm right there with you, bro.

+3 HS
chemicalwaste's picture

Apparently, it's not that unpopular. I hear you too. 15 would be pushing it to stay relevant, but there is no border control anymorefor the state of ohio.

+2 HS
Jugdish's picture

I believe the 11W fans of the older era such as me remember the starting players on defense and offense were Ohio kids. We all took great pride in our Buckeyes and our state. Xichigan even had more Ohio players than they did from their own state or any other state. It is a different time and I believe in what Urban is doing. Although I still get a little frustrated to see us pass on a great Ohio kid to take one from another state. If it were possible to measure heart, I think the Ohio kid would get the offer.

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NuttyBuckeye's picture

Great example is Borland the UW LB.  Wasn't he from Kettering?  He was a Spielman type player - maybe not the fastest or biggest, but he had the brain and HEART for the game.  I also would love to see us offer more Ohio kids like this.

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

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tennbuckeye19's picture

Borland is from Kettering but he was never gonna come to OSU. He supposedly grew up a Wisconsin fan and they were his "dream school". 

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GVerrilli92's picture

And this is kinda why people hate Ohio State and their fans.

Living outside of Ohio, it's hard not to notice that Ohio State fans are also Ohio "State" fans. It's just kind of annoying that some people equate a football team's success to their state being better than others. I'm from NC and I'm a diehard OSU fan, so it was very cool for me when Jamal Marcus out of Durham, NC put on that jersey and then made plays in the Orange Bowl.

You're effectively communicating this message: "I'm from Ohio, I love Ohio, I love Ohio's football team, Ohio's football team is the best. Nobody from outside of Ohio is good enough to be on Ohio's football team because Ohio is the best and nobody is as good as an Ohioan. Ohio Ohio Ohio."  (This is kinda what OSU fans sound like to the rest of the college world.) 

This is what I say to all of my friends who hate OSU: Urban Meyer is the best coach in the world and I have faith in his ability to scour the nation for the most talented and highest quality young athletes. Where they are from is nowhere near as critical as they're upbringing and value-system.

And let the downvotes ensue... 


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Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Essentially what you're saying is that people outside of Ohio hate Ohio State because they're projecting their personal issues onto the Buckeyes.

NuttyBuckeye's picture

Not so fast, my friend!

I also love Ohio State - but I could care less WHERE the kids come from.  It is THEIR CHOICE to go wherever they want.  It DOES, however, make me PROUD that out of state kids CHOOSE to come to Ohio State to become part of the great tradition that is Ohio State and The Ohio State Buckeye football team.  I don't care if the kid is green and from Michigan - if he WANTS TO BE A BUCKEYE - I welcome him with open arms.

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

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Ahh Saturday's picture

~~ it was very cool for me when Jamal Marcus out of Durham, NC put on that jersey and then made plays in the Orange Bowl.

And it's very cool for Ohioans to see other Ohioans put on that jersey as well.  Not sure what your point is.  As far as the "that's why other people hate us" stuff, well, I really don't give a s--- who hates the Buckeyes. As long as we're winning their hate is like a summer breeze.

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sivaDavis's picture

I'm in favor of National recruiting. I don't believe we should offer every kid in Ohio just because he was born in state. I do believe we should have a healthy amount of kids from Ohio on the roster because we produce talent but to say we should take 10-15 Ohio kids every year is pushing it. I do agree with Ohio State should get the elite talent from Ohio and then branch out but look at it this way, we won't always have 10 Ohio players that are considered Elite nationally. The coaching staff will try it's best to evaluate and grab the best players from Ohio and around the country/world. I'm cool with that. 

2003 National Championship

Offensive MVP - Craig Krenzel (TSUN)

Defensive MVP - Chris Gamble (Florida)

Season MVP - Maurice Clarett (Ohio)

We should always grab the best talent, regardless of where they come from. 

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

Buck Commander's picture

Then if Gibson comes to Columbus for a visit then he should move Ohio St. In to the on fire category

Every time I set my DVR to record Biggest Loser......It always records Wolverine Football Games!

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skid21's picture

Is it true that Gibson has made it public his interest in OSU has decreased since this commitment? I'd love to hear from staff. If so then I would have no regrets. Welcome Joey, long may you run.

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Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Jesus - all this hand wringing and angst over our recruiting classes makes me laugh!  Urban has not let us down, nor has he had a bad recruiting class since it has mattered at any school he has been at.  Personally, not sweating the details and don't care where our class lands ranked by the 'experts'!  I trust that Urban and crew know what they're doing - if you want to stress out about it hourly - by all means, knock yourself out!  Just know that I'll be sitting back with my bag of popcorn laughing!!!

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skid21's picture

Urban has not let us down

Well, kinda. He did lose the last two games of the season last year. Games against the best competition we faced but games we certainly could have won. I love Urban but let's just be honest about the fact he has indeed let us down before.

+3 HS
jamesrbrown322's picture

 Janet agrees.


"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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ab1993's picture

Can anyone confirm with 100% knowledge that Gibson is the one that told 247 to lower his interest in OSU? It seems like 247 may have just done it because that's how they see the situation. Why would Gibson basically announce his top 2 when he still hasn't announced his top 7?

+1 HS
WezBuck28's picture

I know ill probably catch some grief over this, but I'm sick of hearing about Gibson personally..dude just sounds like he wants to be the center of attention all the time..I'll pass..I'm completely happy with burrow after seeing his film!

+1 HS
Jugdish's picture

Just remember Wez, this fall he will be raising his hand to go to the restroom just like the rest of the kids in his class. It is still high school and getting pressure from family, friends, and coaches can only add stress. I agree with most of the posters here that QB is not that high of a priority now but adding Gibson would make this class really great. Give me great D players and O line players with a quality TE and I will be happy.

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allinosu's picture

Gibson has been Tenn to lose all along so nothing has changed. 

-2 HS
Jeremy Birmingham's picture

That's not true even a little bit.

allinosu's picture

There is a lot said by Gibson himself good about Tenn. He is close with Butch Jones and trusty him completely. There is a lot of articles in the south who support my statement. Auburn feels it is an uphill battle to get him away from Tenn. He has noted that there is less competition there in a round about way which here lately appears to be important to him. In the end all of it is just an opinion and I was stating mine.