The Men's 2013-2014 Basketball Season Distilled Into One Graphic

By DJ Byrnes on March 3, 2014 at 11:48a

Image via @ESPNStatsInfo


The men's basketball team sprinted out to a 14-0 start on their 2013-2014 campaign, but after a nail-biting 72-68 loss to East Lansing that many people thought could be a Final Four preview (lololololol), it's been downhill for Thad Matta's team:

Granted, there's been an uptick in competition since the New Year, but Ohio State has tapered off in every key stat. That's not going to get it done in the Big Ten, regardless if it's a down year for the conference.


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I have a better one:


Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Don't usually comment on B-ball, but what I've heard most people complaining about is the lack of offense, and while it is true that the offense was going to keep the Buckeyes from being elite this season, it is that uptick in opponent FG percentage which has doomed the Buckeyes to a mediocre year.  If you can't score, you have to be absolutely smothering on D, and the Buckeyes haven't done it this year.

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That graphic might lead one to believe that the basketball team was playing against significantly poorer competition during the first 15 games than the last 15 games.

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And that someone will be absolutely correct in his/her belief.

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Missing 207 free throws so far this year certainly doesn't help either. Though, 69.8% as a team from the stripe is better than I thought they were shooting.


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They would actually be right around 72% as a team if it weren't for Trey McD's .294. 10 for 34 as a D1 scholarship athlete is abysmal.

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And anyone who actually, honestly though this was the #3 team in the country, or even a Final Four team, when they were 15-0 was completely out of their goddamned mind.

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"I would rather fail trying to do something great than attempt to do nothing and succeed." ~ Robert Schuller

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I knew this team was going to struggle offensively all season. I'd hoped that maybe they'd gradually get a bit better, which hasn't happened. What bothers me most is that they've seemed to regress defensively as well. The Indiana game was a perfect example. We were playing our typical defense for the first portion of the game and then it seemed as though Indiana made some adjustments and they just started beating us all over the floor be it on pick and roll or back door or whatever (also, the defense was infinitely more effective with Amir in the lineup compared to Trey, sad but true. He can at least erase things around the basket every now and then and our defense went to total hell when we had them both on the bench for a stretch). So often guys were getting caught watching or taken out of position or lost in rotations and Indiana just started feeding off of defensive miscues. I hadn't seen any stats to cover it but it looks like these suffice. At the beginning of the year we were forcing turnovers at an incredible clip and were out and running and getting easier buckets in transition often times. Our halfcourt D was lockdown. More and more recently I keep seeing people falling asleep, losing sight of their man because they're watching the ball, or getting lost in rotation and I keep seeing teams getting more and more open looks all the time. Obviously, they're still a good defensive team because they're so athletic and they play hard on that end...but breakdowns and boneheaded plays have been creeping in all year.

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The D was bad because both Tre and Amir were in early foul trouble.  They attacked ther rim with the smaller lineup in there.  I'm more worried about the fact that we failed to hit even one 3 for the first time in like 10 years.

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Imagine if they would of had their superstar freshman center in... forgot about that

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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That's a "we are who we are" type of thing. This team is not going to be an even passably decent shooting team and we all know it. It's not going to change, so I'm not worried about that. I'm worried when the thing we actually do well - play defense - starts suffering. Even when Trey and Amir were both in I saw people getting lost trying to find a man to cover since we were switching pretty much everything 1-4. People getting beat back door and people getting wide open threes (luckily Indiana isn't very good and missed a lot of them) aren't simply due to Amir and Trey being on the bench. The defense definitely was more effective with Amir on the floor...but there were still breakdowns.

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What bothers me the most is in crunch time, they seem to fold up camp. They turn the ball over, make stupid, stupid decisions, and of course miss critical shots (as welll as there defense giving way, as you mentioned). Recipe for disaster.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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Definitely, boneheaded plays on both ends of the floor at the worst times by seemingly everyone.

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This team was average at best, no shooters, no post play.  The Spartan game is as irrelevant as this team is right now.  I forsee a one and done season in both tourneys, B1G and NCAA.  We are spoiled from the past 4 years.  Thad Matta is a good coach, but not in the same class as Jim Boeheim, Gary Williams, Jim Beline, Dick Bennet, Bo Ryan and Tom Izzo.  They can take an average team and make overachievers of them .We cannot be too hard on them, they are what they are.  Not the 4 and 5 stars that Thad thought they were.  Hopefully, a new season(post season) will help this team focus.  Probably not.

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Jim Beline? If he's such a good coach, you should probably know his name. John Beilein. That kind of kills your argument for me. 

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LAX20: Thad Matta is a good coach, but not in the same class as Jim Boeheim, Gary Williams, Jim Beline, Dick Bennet, Bo Ryan and Tom Izzo.  They can take an average team and make overachievers of them.

Frustration may be interfering with your analysis. Methinks you are too hard on Matta and too easy on the other coaches mentioned. With lesser players, a coach is less likely to have to chip away at the wall of entitlement the highest ranked players sometimes have. That time can be spent better at molding them into concepts, better techniques, team play and their roles. Based on Matta's teams' past performances (B1G Championships, Sweet 16's, Elite Eights, Final Fours, etc), I'm willing to give him a lot of leeway this year.  Especially when it's so obvious these Buckeyes are not doing even the basic things needed to win, like blocking out, grabbing rebounds, getting your feet ready to shoot before you get the pass, moving on offense, getting back on D—vs Indiana they allowed a fast break basket after a made OSU free throw! This seems like the athletes are not listening / accepting coaching. And the team's leaders are not setting an example for others to follow. For instance, is Q still shoving opponents & getting technical fouls ? Are the starters shooting free throws consistently and well? Are the leaders showing poise in difficult circumstances or are they traveling, missing FTs, turning over the ball? Weren't these same players exhibiting these now-absent skills last year in the B1G and postseason?

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Just stumbled on this quote from 2012, it applies in hoops too.

The teams that don’t respect their coaches and don’t trust their coaches are the teams that go .500
~Zach Boren

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

If you can't win your conference, just quietly accept your non-playoff bowl game.

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So continues the winter of my discontent.

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This is definitely:

The Oppostite of The Summer of George 

If I can go double Costanza here. 

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The Big Ten effect. I bet other teams in the conference saw decreases in statistics at the start of Big Ten play too. It is hard to believe this team was 15-0 at this point though.

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For almost all other teams in the Big Ten, yes, stats decreased. Michigan however:  8 - 4 non-conference, or .667, 12 - 3 Big 10, or .800. Apart from being a Michigan fan, I have always thought that it makes sense to schedule difficult teams as part of the non-conference schedule. Playing Duke and Arizona in the non-conference month of December led to losses, but pays dividends in the long run. Izzo at MSU has long been a proponent of scheduling highly ranked opponents. This is also true for football, and OSU has benefited when it plays a more difficult schedule. 

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This michigan team might be studied for years to come.  They have a shot at winning the b1g with the worst defense in the conference.  Defense wins championships, unless offense does.


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You are right about that Blu (as much as I hate to admit it lol) good point.

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I see Aaron go to the basket a lot with no "followers", seems like we have a lot guys standing around instead of going to the basket for help. Let's put some shooters out on the floor & go for it, come hell or high water! Our D is fine.


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we were completely untested OOC, the only near quality teams we played OOC were Marquette, MD and ND who were a combined 47-42 right now, other than that the next best teams we played were decent mid majors like Ohio U (19-10), ND State (23-6) and Delaware (22-9)

That's it OOC. Most of the B1G night in and night out are better than that. including PSU and NW

even OOC we had some less than stellar wins that everyone chose to overlook

American we beat by only 11, ND required a miracle comeback, the Bobcats only lost by 10


all of those were signals that this team had a long way to go to get better.


since we play good D most of the time we keep ourselves in games, but we have glaring weaknesses and they have been there from the start