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Do you agree with Jim Tressel's resignation?

67% (674 votes)
33% (329 votes)
Total Votes: 1003


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FUUUUUUCK Pat Forde, Mark May and all of the other blowhards at esPEEn

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I think he should've been fired. But resignation is the second best. No one person is bigger than the football program or the university as a whole and Tressel was unsuited to continue representing Ohio State with character and integrity - His 10 years were wonderful, but this should remind all of us that it only takes a couple of poor decisions to ruin years of hard work.

741's picture

Sadly, yes.

I do appreciate all the good the man has done for the program, the university, the city, and he will always be a great Buckeye to me.

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Just like betting on baseball is an instant and permanent ban in MLB, lying to the NCAA investigators is a kiss of death in college athletics.  Tressel knew this when he did it, and he got caught - he now has to face the consequences of that decision.

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This is a tough one, reluctantly--yes. I am so thankful for what Jim Tressel has done for tOSU and the football program. I have thought for some time that he should leave for the good of the team and school--but the announcement today still had a distinct sting to it. I was hoping and praying that it would not come to this--but reality has a habit of getting in your face.

It was apparent that, especially after the Ray Small (appropriate comment on his name here) story, that the entire Tressel situation was not only growing legs--it was heading for a full gallop. With the perceived bias that seems to lead sports writers to drag OSU through the mud (Cam Newton didn't know his daddy was selling him--GO CAM), none of this was going away--it was just going to get worse.

As long as Jim Tresell was in command of the program--even years into the future--every ESPN story headlines on OSU would start negative--  "Ohio State Wins 2015 National Championship Despite the Jim Tressel Investigation on Lying to OSU Administrators and the NCAA in 2011"

With his resignation, they won't have Jim Tressell to kick around anymore----NOT.

ESPN has too much fun giving OSU "the business"